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WYTV7 Christian Broadcasters Network, Inc.

We’re a 501(c) 3 charitable nonprofit Public Service Broadcast/ Media organization listed by the IRS. We provide a talk forum with real people who share real life experiences and situations. We air live broadcast/media weekly from several cities reaching and engaging millions of people worldwide in over 100 places.

Our mission is to provide help for people in adverse life situations to connect with the resources that could help them take the first step.


WYTV7 was looking for a complete donor management system that could be more than just a database for them. They wanted to cut other software costs without sacrificing functionality. “We had the opportunity to interview several CRM companies. The reason we chose Bloomerang was because it had several products that were already offered as part of the CRM, unlike some of the other companies,” said Libby Grier, Executive Producer/Director at WYTV7.


After checking out several donor database options and comparing prices and features, Libby and her team were drawn to Bloomerang because of how easy it is to use and how one person could learn and manage the system without creating more work. “What drew us to Bloomerang was we were shopping around and comparing prices and we wanted a product that would benefit us to do all the things we need if only one person had to manage our organization.” After their initial realization that Bloomerang could fit their needs as an all-in-one donor management system, Libby and her team have come to appreciate how easy Bloomerang makes it to stay in touch with constituents during this current COVID-19 crisis — without any added worries and with on-the-go access. “During COVID-19 things change for nonprofit organizations. We felt very pleased to have our Bloomerang CRM because it literally did all the work we had, and one person could manage it. Our system kept us in contact with our constituents. All of our donations were managed through the system and we had no worries because the system handled everything for us. Plus our CEO and Board were able to access the system to get reports and see results.”

In addition to its dependability as a database, Libby is happy to tout Bloomerang’s friendly and knowledgeable customer support team as another reason to recommend it as a top donor management system for radio stations like theirs. “One of the best things about Bloomerang is their customer service support staff. They are friendly and extremely helpful. You can either do a live chat, email them your question or go to the feature portal and get step-by-step instructions on problem-solving.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, WYTV7 has alleviated several fundraising pain points in regards to donation management, constituent communication, reporting, and on-the-go meetings, which has been more important now than ever. “Because we use Bloomerang it was easier for us to manage all of our fundraisers, programs/projects, general funding, and corporate giving. It helps separate the funds simply by running reports.” WYTV7’s executive leadership and board members have been very pleased with their ability to use Bloomerang wherever they are, including sending timely constituent communications. “Our Board of Directors have been very pleased with the ease of communication with constituents by the ability to create forms, letters, newsletters, etc. It is an easy way to communicate with all constituents by hitting one button.”

The team at WYTV7 has also seen improvements with their donor retention and gift development processes through good record management, which has directly impacted their fundraising results and processes. “Any nonprofit such as ours that is a growing organization can benefit from using Bloomerang to help keep good record management. It also allows us to look at our DonorSearch profile and research potential donors. By using Bloomerang it has helped us to look at our donors and reach out to them during COVID-19 and ask for help in the programs we were managing during COVID-19.” This insight into constituent information and donor data has translated into more transparency into WYTV7’s campaign results and fundraising dollars raised. “Since switching to Bloomerang looking at financial dollars is as simple as hitting a button to get a report to look at key metrics.”

All in all, it’s amazing what an easy-to-use, fundraising-focused database can do for the growth of an organization such as WYTV7, especially during this time of crisis. “We are so pleased to have Bloomerang during COVID-19. It made it easy for our organization. The customer support kept us up to date on any changes and helped provide great information. During COVID-19 Bloomerang offered several helpful webinars.”