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TechPoint Foundation for Youth

As the leader in technology education efforts for the state of Indiana since 2001, TechPoint Foundation for Youth inspires Indiana’s underserved K-12 students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


In 2013, TPF4Y was looking for their first dedicated donor management software. They were using a standalone (now defunct) mass email provider to collect and communicate to their constituents, and found it to be too complicated for an organization strapped for time and attention.


After switching to Bloomerang, TPF4Y found that it was much easier for donor tracking and  communication because of how easy it is to use.

“We love how we’re able to customize messages based on segmented audiences (volunteers based on skills or program affiliation, corporate contacts, general audience, etc.) and easily build reports for board meetings, financial projections (how much money is in the pipeline), who a corporate gift is connected to, etc.”

They also use Bloomerang to identify constituents who might be interested in new programs and initiatives.

“With Bloomerang, we’re able to easily look at who has made a gift in the last five years, and identify where there been lapses. We spend more time with those donors.”

Bloomerang has enabled them to focus on donor stewardship like never before.

“These people have invested in our mission, so I spend time making sure they know what we’ve done with their gift specifically. We want to make sure they always feel good about what they’ve done with their money.”


TPF4Y has seen its donor retention rates grow every year and is now holding steady in the 70th percentile.

Dec ’14 Feb ’15 Jul ’15 Sep ’15 Dec ’15 Feb ’16 Jul ’16 Sep ’16
21% 24% 31% 41% 42% 59% 73% 74%

“Fundraisers need to recognize and appreciate the investment and mentality behind the gift. Decide that retention matters, and use Bloomerang to track it.”

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