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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes to development, or are found injured, orphaned, or abandoned. When possible, the animals in our care are rehabilitated and released — healthy and wild — back where they belong.


Linda Moore, Assistant Director at SWCC, was worried that they had outgrown their previous database.

“As our old database grew, it became harder to recognize and merge duplicate entries as even a period in a different place created a new entry. Entering all the donor information manually was time-consuming and therefore costly.”


SWCC switched to Bloomerang in late-2014, and it’s now their main database for all operations.

“We send out weekly email updates to our donors, create reports for mailing appeals and newsletters, create and print letters and mailing labels for tax receipts, and file donations to allow us to see the effectiveness of certain appeals.

Bloomerang allowed us to at least have the online information entered automatically. We love the fact that it integrates well with our Firespring website.”


animal welfare

“Bloomerang saves us time, which transfers to more time spent working to save and take care of animals. And since time is also money, Bloomerang saves us money, too.

We found Bloomerang to be much easier to use overall than our former database. Having online donor information entered automatically was a huge savings in time. We have also found Bloomerang to simply be easier to use. For example, it is obvious when there is a duplicate entry, and very easy to merge them. The timeline makes it easy to see interactions with each donor, and to keep track of individual transactions and compare them to past years.”