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Lexington Pride Center

Lexington Pride Center (previously known as Pride Community Services Organization) works to improve the lives of people in the sexual minority and gender expansive community of Central and Eastern Kentucky by enhancing visibility, empowering community members, and educating the public about issues impacting said community.


Lexington Pride Center was looking to consolidate all the places their data was being tracked, while also being able to better segment on and communicate with constituents. “When I came into the organization our constituent data for donors and volunteers was being tracked in multiple places. Two separate databases were not being used effectively and that were not able to produce reports on activity. All donations were tracked separately in a spreadsheet. There was no way to understand a constituent’s overall relationship to the organization or to easily segment and communicate with our people on a variety of issues,” said Carmen Wampler-Collins, Pride Center Coordinator at Lexington Pride Center.

At the end of the day, Carmen and her team needed a solution that could streamline their data while making it easier to interpret it. “I was looking for something that could bring all of our data together, would allow us to get reports on how people were interacting with us, was easy to use, and was affordable for our small organization.”


After stumbling upon Bloomerang, the team at Lexington Pride Center quickly became impressed with how simple and user-friendly it is. “I really liked that it seemed simple and user friendly. I was attracted to the interface and that it was accessible and easy to understand. I have come to appreciate how it allows us to communicate with specific groups of constituents on certain issues and it tracks that communication. I feel like it builds a fuller picture of our interactions which is invaluable.

Lexington Pride Center was also happy that they had found a solution that could take their donor retention and gift development processes to the next level through constituent segmentation. “We benefit by being able to segment our people. For example, I can now easily send an email out to Gay Straight Alliances in our area about upcoming events at the Pride Center and I can track that communication and grow that outreach list as needed. It fits into our donor retention and gift development process by allowing us to segment donors and send appeals for specific gifts appropriate to giving history and relationship with the organization. We have not fully activated these features but we plan to use them in the 2018 end of year giving season.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Lexington Pride Center has seen several fundraising pain points be alleviated, such as:

  • “Ability to track donations and other activity in one place.
  • Ability to easily track our donor retention rate.
  • Ability to easily identify our largest donors and to develop cultivation plans appropriately.”

Bloomerang has also fit nicely into the organization’s constituent communication and outreach efforts. “We have been able to communicate so much more effectively with groups related to the work we do at the Center. We have established lists for Center group leaders, local Gay Straight Alliance leaders, volunteers, etc that allow us to communicate more quickly and effectively and to have a record of communication. I feel like using Bloomerang has improved our outreach and gives us a better idea of how people relate to us as an organization.

In a nutshell, if Carmen were to talk to another LGBTQIA+ organization about Bloomerang, she would have this to say:

“I would tell them that it is very easy to use. That it improves the ability to communicate with constituents, and that it’s very affordable.”

It’s amazing what a user-friendly, donor retention focused tool can do for the growth of an organization such as Lexington Pride Center. “Overall, our experience with Bloomerang has been very positive.”