Bloomerang understands the unique fundraising challenges of performing arts organizations. There’s no reason for technology to get in the way of conveying artistic expression in all its forms. That’s why numerous performing arts organizations nationwide have chosen Bloomerang’s donor database solution.

Below are just a few thoughts and success stories from organizations just like yours.

It is through our educational and outreach programming that students learn not only the technique of dance, but also the value of creativity, discipline, and commitment, emerging as young adults who embrace the reward of a focused passion and creating with their community.

It is through our performances that we enhance the cultural vibrancy of West Texas by engaging with our community, inspiring new levels of imagination, and creating memories for generations.

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Greenville County Youth Orchestra has been educating young musicians for over 40 years. Our mission is to impact the lives of young people through music by providing a quality orchestral program that develops and educates young musicians in the art of performance and enhances their personal musicianship. We strive to make our programs available to any and all qualifying students by offering a robust scholarship program to assist families in need with orchestra fees, summer studies, and private lessons.

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Gift of Performing Arts’ mission is to instill Christian values and cultivate excellence using the performing arts.

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“We chose Bloomerang, because it was such an intuitive system, and we also just liked the look of it. We’re a very design-focused nonprofit, and so we really liked how it looked and kind of how it was a little quirky and funny and made it fun to get into the system. 

Bloomerang is awesome, because it’s cloud-based so I can have my boss on the system at his home, and we can just all be in there at one time pulling out information. So that’s really useful.”

Claire Bailey, Development Manager – Young Actors Theatre

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