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Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

Our mission is to strengthen agriculture and the lives of Kansans through advocacy, education and service. With a county Farm Bureau in each of Kansas’ 105 counties, we are the grassroots organization in the state. Our county volunteers provide more than 5,000 hours of service in their communities annually.

Kansas Farm Bureau stands up for its members through leadership development, agriculture education, legal defense, environmental advocacy, farm safety, risk management, rural development, and international trade.


Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture was looking for a user-friendly donor management system that could help them track vital donor information. “We wanted a database that could keep track of donations, personal information about each donor and follow-up reminders,” said Vickie Hoover, Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation’s Operations Manager.

After doing their due diligence and researching several options, they were drawn to Bloomerang’s ease of use and functionality. “Bloomerang seemed to be one of the easiest with a lot of capabilities to do the things we wanted.”


Vickie and her team had finally found a reliable donor management system to help them house donor data, keep track of campaigns, and segment communications to constituents — all while being easy to learn and use. “We like the ease of entering information and retrieving information.”

Kansas Farm Bureau appreciated finding a system that could fit nicely into their donor retention and gift development processes. “Our Farm Bureau is getting ready to hold a centennial campaign. This donor management program will help us keep track of donors and do follow-up letters, etc… it is important to have our donor retention program.”

Vickie and her team have also come to appreciate Bloomerang’s ease of use, training options, and knowledgeable support staff to help them leverage their database to its fullest potential. “The customer support is awesome. Every time I have called, they are very helpful and thorough. They explain everything in detail so I can understand. One of the best things about this program is the customer support.”


Vickie and her team have benefited from getting themselves and their donor data organized so they can start making more informed fundraising decisions. “We have had more contact with donors and made notes and follow-up tasks in the Bloomerang program. The follow-up tasks help my boss extremely stay on task.” They’re also excited to leverage Bloomerang for all of the donation follow-ups from their centennial campaign.

The team at Kansas Farm Bureau has seen improvements in several fundraising pain points since implementing Bloomerang, especially in their ability to increase productivity and save time on tasks. “We did not have to manually type in the information for donors that were currently in the system. That saved a lot of time for staff.

It’s amazing what a user-friendly, data-focused tool can do for the growth of an organization such as Kansas Farm Bureau. “It’s very easy to use, price is right, and has a lot of capabilities that would help other Farm Bureaus be successful.”