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Great Lakes Christian College

As a Christian academic community in Lansing, Michigan, Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC) prepares men and women for preaching and other ministry roles, as well as for careers related to the church or institutions in the public sector.


Great Lakes Christian College was oversold on their previous database.

“We did not need that robust of a database and we could not handle the expense,” said Phil Beavers, VP of Institutional Advancement.

So they turned to Bloomerang to become more efficient and save some extra dollars.


Since implementing Bloomerang it’s now used consistently throughout the week.

“We enter donor data and generate the receipt letters and reports. We also use it for creating mailing lists for our direct mail appeals and communications.”

Not only does it make more economic sense for the organization, but Phil also loves the user-friendly nature of the database. “It is me and one part-time person to manage the gift data entry and reporting. It has helped me as the supervisor to get information quickly and accurately.”


GLCC is now operating much more efficiently.

“I would recommend Bloomerang to any small institution that has limited personnel and is looking to receive value for their investment. We eliminated a huge expense since we are so small. We also made it possible for anyone to pick up the database and use it since the training was very accessible. Training is available without huge dollars. Information can be accessed from anywhere. Also, the credit card options are great. I can take a credit card gift as long as I have internet access.”

Phil also loves the customer support options.

“I find great value in the online chat option for help. I can get immediate answers to questions.”