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Canadian Friends Service Committee

Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) is the peace and social justice agency of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada.

CFSC alleviates suffering and develops transformative and sustainable approaches to human rights, justice, and peace. We act through practical assistance, research, education, and policy dialogues.


Canadian Friends Service Committee was looking for a simple, but effective donor management system that could grow with them. They wanted something that they could customize, but was also easy to use and could help them analyze their donor data and information. “We really wanted something that would break down our donor information, something that allowed us to choose what information we were collecting and customize our system as we go. We didn’t want to commit to something now that wouldn’t work for us down the line, especially considering how difficult the transition process can be,” said Keira Mann, Program Assistant at Canadian Friends Service Committee.


With Bloomerang, the team at Canadian Friends Service Committee has found a donor database that would simplify their donor acknowledgment efforts and donation processing needs. They were originally drawn to Bloomerang’s constituent profiles and custom fields and have come to really appreciate these features since using the software. “We liked that we could make up our own fields, and decide what information we could collect. We also liked that it had a donation processor built-in. We definitely appreciate the built-in processor and we like how easy the donor profiles are to understand.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Canadian Friends Service Committee has seen improvements with several fundraising pain points through their ability to separate and segment their donor lists into giving amounts and location. With Bloomerang’s help they are now able to implement a strategic major donor plan. “It’s much easier to identify who was giving more and for us to implement a major-donor plan.”

On top of saving time and money through software consolidation, Keira has also noticed that having all their information stored in one system makes it so much easier for them to keep track of their donors, and gain insight into trends that can help with donor retention. “I think having all of this information in one place is what benefits organizations like mine the most. Before, we had software for email lists, software for processing donations, software for donor information. Now it’s all in one place and it makes it easier for us to keep track of our donors and see trends that help with donor retention.”

It’s amazing what a donor database that’s easy to use and customize can do for the growth of an organization such as the Canadian Friends Service Committee. “Bloomerang is a great software if you are looking to customize the information you are gathering.”


Bloomerang offers powerful fundraising software for nonprofits.