Bloomerang understands the importance that the arts has on modern culture and life. Numerous performing arts centers, arts councils, humanities charities and other educational or cultural institutions choose Bloomerang’s donor database solution.

Below are just a few thoughts and success stories from organizations just like yours.

Located in Columbia, SC, EdVenture Children’s Museum boasts nine world-class exhibit galleries, a library, learning laboratories, resource centers and other visitor amenities. Within its total 92,000 square feet, there are more than 350 individual hands-on exhibits.

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The German American Heritage Center (GAHC) seeks to preserve the heritage of our German speaking ancestors for present and future generations and to enrich our knowledge of the German immigrant experience.

The Mission is to “preserve and enrich for present and future generations knowledge of the German immigrant experience and its impact on the American Culture.” GAHC’s focus is cultural programs and immigrant contributions. GAHC seeks to reach out to other cultural groups and demonstrate the contributions immigrants from many countries and from varied backgrounds have made to the ethnic palette which is the United States.

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The mission of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society is to promote interest in and knowledge of the life, history, and culture of the Jewish people and communities of the State of Washington.

The Society is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and disseminating the history of the Jews of Washington State. This unique history is shared through publications, exhibits, displays, speakers, and tours.

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“We chose Bloomerang, because it was such an intuitive system, and we also just liked the look of it. We’re a very design-focused nonprofit, and so we really liked how it looked and kind of how it was a little quirky and funny and made it fun to get into the system. 

Bloomerang is awesome, because it’s cloud-based so I can have my boss on the system at his home, and we can just all be in there at one time pulling out information. So that’s really useful.”

Claire Bailey, Development Manager – Young Actors Theatre

“Through my one and a half years with Bloomerang, I’ve experienced little difficulty. Bloomerang is intuitive, easy to learn and use, visual, and well-formatted. Make an effort to get lost in the process from the very beginning, so you can find your way out – as best you can – on your own.”
Sandy Thompson, Director of Development, Rochester Arts Center
“If this system doesn’t cause nonprofit organizations to really focus on their donor retention, I don’t know what will. I love the way the information you need and want on a daily basis is front and center every time you open Bloomerang. It’s there, looking at you, reminding you to take action. I’ve used many database systems over the years but this one is head and shoulders above the rest.”
Lori L. Jacobwith, Volunteer, ArtsLab


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