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Nonprofit Boards

How Board Chairs Can Lead with Excellence During a Crisis – Jeff Jowdy will share tips for board chairs to help their nonprofit survive and thrive in turbulent times.

Why Your Nonprofit Board Doesn’t Work and How to Fix ItKent Stroman will provide practical, hands-on tools to enable well-intentioned, dedicated board members to move from survival to significance in their governance assignments.

How To Inspire Your Board to Give and GetBrian Saber explains how to work more strategically with your board to get them past the soul-deadening board minimums and quid-pro-quo fundraising they’re used to.

The 1 Hour Nonprofit Board MakeoverRachel Muir, CFRE helps you prune dead weight board members and show tools that can help you ensure a successful board transition.

Board Governance & Fundraising: Two Peas in a Pod – Good governance is the key to getting the board to step up to the plate on fundraising. Brian Saber shows you what’s keeping you back, and five key steps you can take that will lead to building a stronger fundraising team.

Surviving a Nonprofit Rebrand (and Living to Tell the Tale)Sarah Durham maps out how to plan and manage nonprofit rebranding so your organization has the best chance of success.

Intentional Leadership – Board Governance Practices that Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Part 1 of 2)Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia will outline how board members can embrace the leadership imperative for engaging in DEI focused work and governance.

Intentional Leadership – Board Governance Practices that Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Part 2 of 2) – In part 2 of a special two-part webinar, Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia will outline how board members can embrace the leadership imperative for engaging in DEI-focused work and governance.

Training Your Nonprofit Board To Confront Racial InequityChristal M. Cherry will show how boards can learn how to work with the CEO and staff to ground organizational values and practices so that they are inclusive.

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Board Members – Author, journalist, professional speaker, social impact strategist, and lobbyist, Terri Broussard Williams will share how to attract diverse superstars and take a look at what to do to keep them engaged and at your board table.

Nonprofit Boards Members and Their Asking Styles – a Roadmap to SuccessBrian Saber will explain how to use his iconic Asking Styles to improve your board’s governance and ability to fundraise. Learn the personality of your board and how it is impacting board meetings, leadership, strategic planning and fundraising.

The Board’s Role in Fundraising & Resource Development – If you are ready to turn your board around and increase their comfort level with fundraising, Sabrina Walker Hernandez will show you how!

Branding / Photography / Design / Websites

Building Your Nonprofit’s Communications EngineSarah Durham will show you how to set clearer goals, build a stronger team, and manage communications in your organization so it truly advances the mission.

Convert Supporters with Powerful Landing PagesJay Wilkinson shares real-world examples of landing pages that every nonprofit should have, and what he has learned from studying the best practices of hundreds of nonprofits.

How to Align Your Nonprofit’s Brand and ProgramsSarah Durham shares insights for expressing your nonprofit’s brand in a clear, holistic way that your audiences understand.

Best Practices for Nonprofit PhotographyLaura Huth-Rhoades shows you the difference great photos make in nonprofit communications and teaches you easy, quick, and no-cost techniques for upping your nonprofit’s photo game.

Capital Campaigns

Is Your Donor Management System Capital Campaign Ready?Jay Love and Andrea Kihlstedt discuss the role a donor database plays in capital campaign planning and execution.

Capital Campaigns: Best Practices, Common MistakesBrent A. Hafele, M.A. reviews three best practices to better ensure capital campaign success, as well as three common mistakes that can sink your campaign.

What To Do In The Year Before Your Capital CampaignMark Quigley explains the critical items needed to get started early to position your capital campaign for success!

How to Design a No-Fail Capital CampaignAmy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt reveal three truths you need to know for a successful capital campaign, including how to design a no-fail capital campaign, as well as letting you in on closely held secrets of campaign consultants.

Creating a Powerful Capital Campaign Case for SupportSarah Durham shows you how to brand your capital (or other very large) campaign so it inspires donors to act, what printed or digital tools do you need in the quiet and public phases, and how to inspire major donors to become campaign ambassadors.

Capital Campaigns in a Pandemic – Stop, Yield, or Full Speed Ahead?Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE will walk through how to make the most of your campaign plans, and modify them, during this crisis.

Mapping Your Capital Campaign During the COVID-19 CrisisKevin Wallace and Carlyn Runnels will explore how your nonprofit can move forward with its capital campaign in the current environment.

Power Prospecting in a Pandemic and BeyondJay Frost explores how you can find the top prospects within your constituency, throughout your community, across the country, and around the world.

Counting the Costs: Where Capital Campaigns Often Miss the Mark – If a capital campaign is on the horizon, Aaron Bishop and Brian O’Neil will share strategies and resources available to confidently predict your project costs and resources needed.

Career / Nonprofit Professional Development

Writing to Advance Your Nonprofit CareerLinda Lysakowski, ACFRE shows how writing can help advance a career in fundraising, provide a creative outlet, and make money!

The Secret Thing That Is Holding You Back In Your Nonprofit CareerMazarine Treyz talks about exactly how to build trust and make your fundraising office even more effective.

How To Avoid Role Confusion at Your NonprofitKent Stroman brings real-life insights and practical tools to equip CEOs, Board members, and staff alike to move their charity forward collaboratively.

Top 5 Questions Aspiring Nonprofit Consultants Ask – If you have ever considered how to get started in this career path, Susan Schaefer and Don Tebbe will help you ease your way into a successful career supporting the nonprofit sector.

3 Tips for Advancing Your Fundraising CareerLinda Lysakowski, ACFRE lists the three steps to help you advance in your career and how to juggle your tasks to find time for those three steps.

Reluctant Fundraiser? Not A Fundraiser? Not A Problem! – In this webinar, Cindy Wagman will give guidance and encouragement to those who need to fundraise, but would really rather do anything but.

Syncing Your Fundraising Career With Your Personal ValuesChristal M. Cherry will show you how to identify the ideal organization with values that align with your fundamental beliefs and lifestyle.

You’ve Been Let Go From Your Nonprofit Job – Now What?Ephraim Gopin moderates a panel of nonprofit pros – Mimosa Kabir, Sarah Willey, and Lisa Chmiola – to look at the issue of being laid off and ask: what next?

Be More Productive, Powerful & Persuasive with Board, Staff & DonorsMaryanne Dersch will show you how to pitch your ideas in a way that gets a yes, every time.

Copywriting / Case Statements

18 Copywriting Tips for NonprofitsLeah Eustace, ACFRE will cover 18 ways you can make your writing more engaging, more powerful and more authentic. She’ll cover the power of story, neuromarketing, and general persuasion techniques.

4 Writing Strategies Every Fundraiser Should KnowVanessa Chase Lockshin shows four writing techniques to consistently write copy and content that resonates with a target audience – techniques that anyone can learn and apply to raise more money!

Using Psychology to Boost Your FundraisingJarrett Way will give you a new understanding of the subtle, predictable, and (often) irrational ways donors think. And you’ll have concrete ways to apply these great “brain hacks” to your organization.

Digital Copywriting Tips for FundraisersTom Ahern outlines the latest best practices for digital copywriting, including website, email and social media.

Anatomy of a Successful Fundraising Appeal – Whether you’re an old pro and just want some new tips, or you’re writing your appeal letter for the first time, you’ll find killer strategies and tried-and-true tactics from Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE to get your appeal to the next level.

Developing Your Nonprofit’s Case for Support – How can you make your nonprofit’s case for support powerful, provocative and successful? Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE highlights best practices in preparing and using your case for support.

Donor-Delighting, Money-Raising NewslettersSteven Screen teaches what he’s learned from 25 years of creating money-raising newsletters!

How To Amp Up Your Fundraising Appeal’s Persuasive PowerClaire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE shows you smart, research-based tools to improve messaging and calls to action.

Cases for Support that Excite, Inspire and Ignite your DonorsLeah Eustace, ACFRE outlines the power of a strong case in building support, both internally and externally, and give you the tools to make it happen in your own organization.

How to Create Great Donor OffersJeff Schreifels and Richard Perry will help you understand the process it takes to create an inspiring and effective donor offer.

How Nonprofits Can Write Effective Web CopyAndrew Buck shows you how the right words can spark emotion, spur action, and start a lifelong relationship.

Drive Engagement Using Ancient Myth, Social Media and User-Generated VideoMichael Hoffman shows how the ancient story framework The Hero’s Journey can guide us to effective fundraising and communications.

Email Writing Quick Wins to Raise More Money in DecemberVanessa Chase Lockshin will share her email writing and storytelling tips that helped one of her clients raise more than $190k in September 2020.

Storytelling To Help Donors Understand the Value of their DollarRachel Clemens and Jarrett Way examine how best to find, tell, and share your nonprofit organization’s stories so that you can showcase your impact in both humble and grand ways, with a special focus on online communication.

Building Your Nonprofit’s Engagement EngineSarah Durham will focus on identifying who your audiences are, how to prioritize them, and other elements key to developing a smart communications strategy.


Donor Communications to See You Through Every CrisisPamela Grow will provide an understanding of how a strong, multi-channel donor communications builds sustainability through any crisis.

Tapping Foundation Support During COVID-19Margy-Ruth and Perry Davis will help you understand how to tap into the world of foundations during this crucial time.

How Nonprofits Can Powerfully Use Storytelling During COVID-19Lori L. Jacobwith will show you how to choose and craft powerful stories to inspire giving & engagement, even if donors can’t give today.

Crisis Fundraising When Your Nonprofit is NewSandy Rees will show you how to plan a year’s worth of diverse funding streams to support your growing nonprofit.

Legacy Fundraising During A PandemicLigia Peña, CFRE, MInstF will show you how to adapt your gifts in will program so that you continue growing your program during the pandemic.

Legacy Fundraising Reporting and Key Performance IndicatorsLigia Peña, CFRE, MInstF will teach you how to revamp your KPIs, their definitions, and implement a legacy dashboard to better manage and track the evolution of legacy fundraising globally.

How Nonprofits Can Run Interactive, Inclusive Virtual MeetingsDr. Renee Rubin Ross will share and practice simple virtual tools to lead meetings that get participants sharing ideas, interacting and moving towards investment and action.

Why Fundraisers Should Press “Play” Not “Pause”Larry C Johnson will show us how to step back and create fundraising programs that are impervious to broad swings in the economy, and how to develop revenue streams that liberate your organization to truly deliver on its mission.

#GivingTuesdayNow Social Media Tips, Tricks, and StrategiesKat Murphy Toms, GivingTuesday’s Digital Strategy Director, will show you how your organization can leverage #GivingTuesdayNow and set up a campaign in no time.

5 Harmful Coronavirus Fundraising MythsAndrea Kihlstedt will offer a different view and give you some practical advice on how to use this topsy-turvy time to raise money.

Communicating With Donors During Dark TimesTom Ahern will show you how your organization can not only fundraise BUT emotionally BOOST your supporter base in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Donor Love and Vulnerability in the Era of COVID-19Jen Love and John Lepp will show you how to lean into vulnerability in your fundraising right now. You’ll leave with ways to apply #donorlove in the time of coronavirus.

Donor Communication In The Wake of COVID-19 – Fundraising in a time of crisis impacts us all, even if our clients aren’t directly impacted by COVID-19. In a time of overwhelming anxiety, stress and uncertainty you may be at a loss for how to communicate and where to start. Rachel Muir, CFRE will help you and your organization navigate these turbulent times.

COVID-19 And Your NonprofitSean Triner has clients on multiple continents, all dealing with varying degrees and effects of the current health and financial crisis. He’s helping charities face declining donations, supply chain problems and canceled events in many countries. And we’ve asked him along to help you.

During Fear & Uncertainty – How to Fundraise?Lori L. Jacobwith and Steven Shattuck share their collective best practices for fundraising during times of fear & uncertainty. Lori & Steven have worked with thousands of nonprofits in good times and bad. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. They’re ready to bring some calm and solid actions to your overwhelm and fear.

Capital Campaigns in a Pandemic – Stop, Yield, or Full Speed Ahead?Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE will walk through how to make the most of your campaign plans, and modify them, during this crisis.

How Stressed Fundraisers Can Keep Their Cool When Dealing With OthersMarc Pitman will outline a three-grouping framework that helps explain some of the seemingly illogical way others react; and how you can use that knowledge to reduce stress in your own life.

Mapping Your Capital Campaign During the COVID-19 CrisisKevin Wallace and Carlyn Runnels will explore how your nonprofit can move forward with its capital campaign in the current environment.

How Some Nonprofits have Thrived during COVID-19…the art of “Pivoting”Daryl Upsall will provide positive examples of how organizations have changed to thrive, and not just survive, COVID-19.

Digital Wellness for Fundraisers in a Remote WorldMeico Whitlock will unpack what digital wellness is and highlight the latest apps that can help you be more mindful and create and sustain greater well-being in your life and work in a remote first world.

COVID One Year Later: What Have We Learned About Fundraising?Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE will show how organizations have survived and even thrived during this unprecedented time and how you can use this information to make your organization even stronger going forward.


How to Run an Online Event And Engage More People Virtually – Are current news stories threatening your real-life events? Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver will take you through the steps and learnings of developing online engagement events.

Managing Fundraising Event CommitteesA.J. Steinberg shows how you can learn to love your event committees and lead them to success with simple strategies and tips.

How to Maximize Offline Fundraising Events in an Online WorldDana Ostomel explains how to plan your next event with digital in mind from day one.

Take Your Fundraising Event VirtualKristin Steele will help you think about what a virtual event can do for your mission and your fundraising, and take a look at what you need to put together a successful and impactful event.

Keys to a Successful Virtual Fundraising EventLisa Schra, Advancement Director at Living Stones Academy, and Paul Hart, a long-time brand and communication volunteer at LSA, will share about their recent “Stones of Hope” gala-type fundraising event.

Financial / Budgeting

Demystifying Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)Greg Nielsen discusses donor-advised funds, how they differ from private foundations, tips for engagement, critiques and potential reforms.

Packaging Program Into Donor OffersRichard Perry will show how to build a donor-centered budget, what is needed to support it, and a clear description of every program category to put into proposals and present to donors.

Charitable Solicitation: What Does It Take To Be Compliant? – Must every charity register to solicit funds from the public? How do online donations fit into the picture? Warren Harmon answers these questions and more.

Nonprofit Storytelling with FinancialsStephanie Skryzowski shows you the foundation of financial management, why transparency in your financials is important, who should see your financials, how to present the financials, and specific reports and metrics attendees can review and share with stakeholders.

Nonprofit Budgeting Made SimpleSarah Olivieri helps you feel empowered about spending money and making meaningful budgets at your nonprofit.

Become Less Dependent on Government, Program, and Event RevenueSherry Quam Taylor will outline the things you should stop doing that will help you prepare for a better future of funding.

Nonprofit Budgeting: How to Build Your Roadmap to Growth and ImpactStephanie Skryzowski will review the methodology and mindset around budgeting, five common mistakes to avoid, how to break down silos and create an inclusive budget process, how to analyze and communicate your budget, and how to strengthen your budget’s impact through forecasting and cash flow management.

Fundraising | Strategy

A Case Study in Tripling Fundraising ResultsTammy Zonker guides us through a case study of a three-year philanthropy operations turnaround, which resulted in 300% growth in net contributions in just 36 months.

Think Bigger and Get Bolder with Your Nonprofit GrowthMazarine Treyz looks at the current state of fundraising (using research from the Atlas of Giving), what is causing a giving downturn, and what we can do about it.

How To Get Donors To A Yes – What do the best fundraisers do differently? Who are the top performers and what’s the secret to their success? Rachel Muir, CFRE helps us learn their strategies, tips and tools that you can put into effect immediately!

12 First Principles of FundraisingMartin Leifeld focuses on a philosophy and 12 foundational principles upon which fundraising activities should occur.

Impact of Tax Reform on Nonprofits?Larry C Johnson interprets the early data and shares the significant growth opportunities created by the new legislation.

Grow Your Nonprofit’s Revenue Above $1M For The First TimeSherry Quam Taylor lets you in on a few things you might be doing that are keeping your donors from giving their best gifts to you – and thus keeping you from growing up and over that $1M mark.

The Fundraising Myth That Should Scare You the MostJeff Brooks shares some of the most deadly — yet commonly believed — myths in fundraising that chase away your donors and squash your fundraising revenue.

Avoiding Generational Assumptions in FundraisingSophie Penney shows you what makes each generation tick and how you can connect in ways that they seek.

6 Years of Research Into Identity-Based FundraisingTom Ahern shows you how to connect far more profoundly with your donor base, improve retention, raise gift averages as well as response rates, and raise more money!

How to Raise More Money by Doing the UnexpectedTom Iselin shows you how to reshape your personal brand into one of “Donor Concierge” that will increase your likability and “memorability,” help you raise more money, and create greater donor loyalty.

8 Steps to Finding New DonorsMaryanne Dersch shows you new techniques to start communicating with ease, joy and abundance to create stronger relationships with existing supporters and attract new ones.

How To Build Fundraising CapacityVictoria Dietz explains how fundraisers can manage their time, set realistic goals and focus on building meaningful donor relationships.

The Survey That Will Supercharge Your FundraisingSean Triner will share the stunning results charities around the world have been seeing for years with this special donor survey; one that is essential for legacies, major donors, monthly giving and direct marketing.

Impact of Development Planning on Fundraising SuccessDr. Adrian Sargeant and Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE talk about a global research study the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy recently completed that is the first of its kind to look at how development planning contributes to fundraising results.

It’s Not Either/Or – Raising Money with an Anti-Racist ApproachRobert Osborne and Laurel McCombs will help you assess and revitalize your development program to take an anti-racist approach that results in successful fundraising and a high return on investment.

The Science of Philanthropic PsychologyJen Shang, PhD will take you through a series of real-world examples to demonstrate how philanthropic psychology can be applied to nurture, develop donor identities, and achieve sustainable increases in giving (up to 218% increases using multiple channels and campaigns) as a result of sharing genuine love.

Exploring Cryptocurrency: Introducing New Giving Methods to Your NonprofitCarlyn Schulzke and Matt Hayes will discuss how current data on donor demographics impacts major-gift donations with specific emphasis on simple, safe and secure methods of attracting and engaging with cryptocurrency donors.

4-Step Plan to More Donations and Greater Fundraising ResultsJesse Lane will share the super-simple process for raising more money for your nonprofit.

Power Of Community In Strategic Planning – Community engagement is critical to truly propel all variables towards a common goal. Julie Ha Truong will outline best practices in community engagement in planning.

Fundraising | Year-End

Year-End Fundraising Campaign Marketing and Messaging TipsChris Hammond and Brittany LaGanke cover the necessary marketing components of a successful year-end fundraising campaign and the importance of thinking outside of the box in order to cut through the noise of the giving season.

Year-End Fundraising and How You Can Cut Through the Clutter OnlineBrady Josephson shows you what strategies work to raise more money during year-end based on years of data, research, and over 1600 online fundraising experiments.

Jumpstarting Your Calendar Year-End FundraisingRobin L. Cabral, CFRE provides simple steps into developing a framework for your calendar-year end fundraising campaign to help raise even more contributed income this year towards your mission than ever before.

Last-Minute Strategies for Year-End GivingAlice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE and James Anderson, CFRE discuss key strategies to maximize your year-end fundraising that you can still do now.

Year-End Fundraising Appeals During Coronavirus – What Works Now?Mazarine Treyz will show you how to create a fluid communications plan that produces stories that stand out from all of the crisis messaging.

The Early Bird Guide to Epic End of Year Fundraising – If you are ready to ride an epic wave of generosity with an airtight end-of-year fundraising strategy join our special guest Rachel Muir.

Fundraising | Digital

Acquire New Donors and Create an Engaging Donor JourneyRobin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA will take you through a multichannel approach to donor communications through using lead magnets and customer sales maps to acquire new donors, align digital strategies to form a cohesive donor journey, and build meaningful donor relationships through timely touchpoints.

10 Google Analytics Hacks For FundraisersKaren Hopper shares tips and tricks to help fundraisers and marketers find the answers they need in Google Analytics to make data-informed decisions.

45 Digital Fundraising Examples in 45 MinutesRachel Clemens explores great content, unique thinking and delightful design through emails, websites, online advertising, donation pages, videos—and anything else that increases online donations.

Building a Foundation for Digital Fundraising SuccessDanielle Johnson Vermenton, CFRE provides practical advice and leaves you with a list of action steps that you can implement to prepare your organization for a successful digital fundraising program.

Fail-Proof Digital Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise At Least $10,000Rob Wu equips you with new fundraising ideas, tips, and proven strategies to help you increase giving on your next fundraising initiative!

Guide to Multichannel Marketing for NonprofitsBeth Brodovsky shows you how to create a cohesive, creative campaign and make good choices about where and how to share it.

4 Cornerstones of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising SuccessAbby Jarvis shows you four key activities that are proven to raise more money in a peer-to-peer campaign.

Roadmap to a Successful Peer-to-Peer CampaignChris Hammond and Brittany LaGanke will walk you through an overview of P2P basics, campaign essentials, and show you how to set your fundraising team up for success and keep them motivated.

Virtual Fundraising: Building Your Online CommunityKristal M. Johnson will show you how to identify and understand your online audience and why now is the perfect time to reach out to prospective donors.

How To Successfully Onboard New Subscribers To Your Nonprofit E-NewsletterEphraim Gopin will show best practices and tips, and give a better understanding of how to improve your organization’s email onboarding process. The goal? Grow your email list!

3 Steps to Digital Marketing Success for Your NonprofitTaylor Shanklin will share the three simple keys to digital marketing success in a framework that breaks digital down and makes it accessible.

The 3 V’s of Virtual CommunicationKristal Frazier will provide strategies that will empower you to become confident in your next virtual ask.


Identifying, Applying for and Managing Grant FundsMandy Pearce, CFRE details the questions nonprofits need to answer prior to searching and applying for grant funds, outlines the seven basic elements of most proposals and shows how to match their needs to funder priorities.

How To Find And Get GrantsMicki Vandeloo, GPC and Margit Brazda Poirier, GPC assists those new to grant seeking and grant writing.

3 Ways to STAND OUT and Win the Grant!Margit Brazda Poirier shows you how your nonprofit can stand out from the competition so they are eager to fund you!

Is There A Grant For My Nonprofit?Margit Brazda Poirier shows you how to find the right grants for your nonprofit organization’s important work!

10 Ways to Improve Relationships with Your GrantmakersDiane H. Leonard, GPC gives you new ideas on how to enhance grantmaker relationships in a way that aligns with your organization’s capacity and voice.

Grant Writing Templates That Save TimeMandy Pearce breaks down the narrative portion of grant proposals and teaches you how to create a stellar template that you can use time and time again.

What Now? Grant Seeking During a CrisisRachel Werner will discuss short- and long-term solutions and how to work with funders in a strategic way for sustainability.

7 Steps to Getting Grant FundingMargit Brazda Poirier, GPC, M.S. will share the exact seven steps that helped her raise over $20MM in grant funding for her clients so that you can do it too!

How to Prepare a Grants Strategy During Uncertain TimesRachel Werner will review what tried and true methods still have value, what might need to be changed, and what is still left unknown.

Building a Better Grants Strategy Post-COVID – Whether you are new to grants, and re-evaluating how your organization seeks out grant funding, Rachel Werner will go through what you need to know to become more grant ready.

Demystifying the Grants Lifecycle: Grant Seeking Lessons and Pro-tips from the FieldRachel Sacks, MPH will help demystify all five phases of the grants lifecycle: identifying well-aligned prospects, cultivating funder relationships, preparing compelling submissions, maintaining grants through stewarding and reporting, and submitting renewals.

Get More Grants with Donor CultivationMargit Brazda Poirier, GPC, M.S. will focus on donor cultivation, an essential step to getting the grant.

In-Person Solicitation

Improve Your One-On-One, In-Person Asking StyleBrian Saber teaches how to ask for individual gifts in a way that suits you personally, making you more comfortable and more effective.

Face to Face with a Donor Prospect for the First TimeMarcy Heim, CSP, CFRE, PLCC shows you the best mindset and actions that make this first visit the first step in creating a lifelong giving partnership.

How To Be Confident For Your Next Big Donor Meeting – If you have ever reached this point and struggled with your confidence to make the ASK, Kristal Johnson prepares you for the next BIG donor meeting.

12 Questions You Can Ask Donors AFTER They Say YesAndy Robinson discusses the “after questions.” Use them to strengthen donor relationships, serve your donors better, and set the stage to raise even more money in the future.

Major Gifts

Real Conversations With Major Donors – Victoria Dietz will show you the proven steps to have meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships with your donors by keeping them engaged and properly setting expectations.

3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts You Can’t Survive WithoutAmy Eisenstein, ACFRE explains how to find the hidden wealth already hiding in your database, discover the do’s and don’ts of getting a first meeting with your best donors and identify the right metrics to measure your progress and help you raise more money.

The Secrets to Donor-Centered Major Gift FundraisingGail Perry, CFRE, MBA shares her secrets for bringing major donors – and mega gifts – into your organization.

Supercharge Your Major Gift Program in 20 Minutes a DayAmy Eisenstein, ACFRE helps busy executive directors and development professionals who want to raise significantly more money by making the leap into major gift fundraising, but haven’t had the courage or know-how to get started.

5 Key Metrics for Building a Pipeline of Major DonorsTerry Axelrod outlines Benevon’s metrics-based, high-touch process for building a pipeline of mission-focused major donors who will, in turn, introduce others.

How to Build a High-Performing Major Gifts ProgramGail Perry, MBA, CFRE helps you get your board and team on board to generate game-changing major gifts for your organization.

Major Gift Fundraising on a Shoestring BudgetClaire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE shows you where to begin (even if your budget isn’t huge), which prospects to prioritize, how to develop and manage a major donor pipeline and cultivation plan, and how to get and stay organized so you reach your goals.

Creating a Major Gift Relationship Action PlanMarcy Heim provides a simple tool for planning your steps for the entire year, so that you can avoid panicking about overdue major donor activities.

Steward & Cultivate Major Donors in a Virtual WorldRachel Muir, CFRE will share easy to use tools and strategies to deepen donor relationships and wow with a personal touch.

How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More MoneyEmma Lewzey will identify the specific shifts you must make to raise more 5- and 6-figure gifts –without letting fear, intimidation, or imposter syndrome get in your way.

Mid-Level Giving

How to Maximize Mid-Level GivingAndrew Olsen, CFRE distills what makes mid-level donors and giving unique, and how successful organizations are maximizing giving from mid-level supporters.

Build a Thriving Mid-Level Giving ProgramRyan Carpenter shares how to build a thriving mid-level giving program, and how to bridge the gap between direct marketing and major gifts through mid-level programs.

Monthly Giving

Best Practices on Engaging and Keeping Your Monthly DonorsErica Waasdorp will show you how to cultivate and recognize monthly donors — and how best to steward them.

The State of Recurring Giving in the Nonprofit SectorBrady Josephson shares the results of his State Recurring Giving Study where he gave multiple gifts (one time and monthly) to 108 organizations in the US and tracked and scored the process. See how you measure up!

5 Ways to Keep Your Monthly DonorsErica Waasdorp shows you the best approaches to keep your monthly donors giving for years on end, using tools you already have in place.

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Monthly Giving ProgramJohn Haydon shows you how to start or refresh your monthly giving program and offerings, find new monthly donors right under your nose, and get them to join your program now, not later.

Best Practices for Recurring Donor AcquisitionErica Waasdorp will show you how important recurring giving has become, and how best to bring in recurring donors – with minimal time and effort

Nonprofit Leadership / Management

The Intentional Fundraiser in Times of CrisisTammy Zonker shows you a system for taking control of your time; establishing role clarity, priorities and performance metrics for busy fundraising pros.

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Show the WayLarry C Johnson explains how three hallmarks of effective leadership work together to put a nonprofit organization on top—and stay there.

How to Build a Strong Culture of PhilanthropyLani Hart shows how to build a strong culture of philanthropy that values donors, places them at the center of the organization, and builds capacity and systems to support its fundraising success.

How To Be a Great Manager AND a Fundraiser Too! – Do you have a team that needs your input, support and leadership AND ambitious fundraising goals you need to meet? Kishshana Palmer shows you how to hit your goals while staying connected to your team.

How to Stay Productive Inbetween Development DirectorsEllen Howe, CFRE & Ashley Holmes, MSW provides strategies for non-profit leaders to ensure that critical fundraising activities continue until a new Development Director is hired.

What To Do When Your Boss Won’t Let You Do Fundraising the Right WaySimone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip helps you navigate this tough situation to a positive resolution.

5 Trends Shaping a New Reality for NonprofitsJay Wilkinson examines shifting demographics, greater interest in service, the blurred lines between nonprofit and for-profit, advancing technology and new ways to engage and collaborate.

The Value of Nonprofit Succession PlanningAndy Robinson helps you understand the value of succession planning to nonprofits (and the risks of poor or non-existent transition plans).

Managing Organizational Change at Your NonprofitAlice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE and James Anderson, CFRE discuss the stages of organizational growth, personality archetypes you may encounter, and strategies to build momentum toward change.

How to Convince the Boss at Your NonprofitTom Ahern provides proof-positive, airtight answers to the questions that are crucial to your fundraising success – each one world-sourced from top fundraising practitioners, creative agencies, and veteran researchers working in seven different countries.

Essential Change Management Skills for Every Nonprofit CEOStefanie Krievins provides the tools you need to have awareness around your own change style, how your team tends to respond to change, and what you need to do to lead effectively so everyone takes responsibility for new results.

Employee Turnover: The One Thing Keeping Your Nonprofit StuckMazarine Treyz highlights some ways to get unstuck and improve your employee retention rates, even when you’re strapped for time, money and bodies.

Which Leadership Style is Best for Your Nonprofit Fundraising?Marc A. Pitman shares which leadership styles help nonprofits grow (and which may be harming your nonprofit). He also shows how basic internal processes can significantly improve your fundraising!

How to Survive Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome Rachel Muir, CFRE has a 12 step program to survive Founder’s Syndrome with individual formulas and special care instructions for founders, board members, and the new incoming Executive Director.

How to be the Leader Your Nonprofit Needs Now Stefanie Krievins will give you a better understanding of why you and your team need more resiliency and focus than ever to emerge from the disaster as strong as ever.

Cultural Competence for NonprofitsJessica Payne will briefly explore the movement towards cultural competence within social justice work while affirming key definitions and understanding how cultural competence impacts our work internally and externally.

Developing Your Nonprofit’s Remote Workforce – Heather Burright will discuss the unique benefits and challenges of a remote workforce and discuss how we as employers can continue to develop their capabilities.

The Strength of Mentorship for Nonprofit ProfessionalsLisa M. Chmiola, CFRE and Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP will discuss finding and establishing mentorship relationships, and how to cultivate them to maximize success and impact in your work.

The Productive Executive Director: 3 Things You’re Over ComplicatingRachel Bearbower will break down the three things you’re probably over complicating to help you become a more productive Executive Director.

Syncing Your Fundraising Career With Your Personal ValuesChristal M. Cherry will show you how to identify the ideal organization with values that align with your fundamental beliefs and lifestyle.

7 Steps to a Strong Nonprofit Back OfficeSean Hale will share seven of the top lessons from his 20+ years of helping nonprofits work smarter (not harder).

How To Lead And Manage In Our New Nonprofit Work RealityKishshana Palmer will show managers and organizational leaders how to ensure they don’t burn(out) their people to achieve organizational outcomes.

How To Know If Your Fundraising Staff Is Leaving Money On The TableSherry Quam Taylor discusses where nonprofit CEOs can start when launching or growing an individual giving program that steadily secures larger, unrestricted gifts.

Planned Giving / Legacy Giving / Bequests

Gift Planning for Gen X and Gen Y DonorsLisa M. Chmiola, CFRE & Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP discuss ways to communicate with younger donors about legacy giving and provide ideas for implementation in your organization.

Soliciting Bequests Using Direct Marketing TechniquesLeah Eustace, M.Phil, MInstF, CFRE, ACFRE outlines some of the ways that successful bequest direct marketing is being done, including case studies, results, and learnings from leading charities.

The Delicate Art of Marketing Fundraising BequestsTom Ahern teaches you a proven way to elicit bequests from your current donors and the right words, style, and tone to use.

Legacy Giving Essentials: How to Build a Bequest ProgramLori Kranczer explains the importance of legacy giving within your development plan, and the four steps you need to take to increase bequest giving to your organization.

How to Create an Effective Legacy Case StatementLori Kranczer reviews why the legacy case statement is the foundation to your legacy program, how it shapes your communications and how to draft an effective one for your organization.

Legacy Giving – How to Get the Right Balance for Your DonorsLori Kranczer goes over the ways to address a donor’s interest in legacy giving and how to have a conversation that brings out what the donor values to match to the best legacy giving options for them.

How to Talk about Legacy Giving Without Seeming CreepyClaire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE will explain how fundraisers can persuade ‘powers that be’ that they should actively promote legacy giving, even now.

Nonprofit Planning

7 Steps to a Simple, Successful Fundraising PlanSandy Rees, CFRE shows seven simple steps to creating a written plan so you can raise all the money you need to fully fund your budget in the coming year.

What Your Nonprofit Communications Plan Should Look LikeKivi Leroux Miller gives a straight answer to what your communications plan should look like.

Goal Setting to Help Your Nonprofit Thrive – Too often, some goals within nonprofits seem to conflict with other goals. Marc A. Pitman shows you how to bring some of your sanity back by getting goal in alignment (even if you’re not the top decision maker.)

Simple Development Systems Every Fundraiser Can UsePamela Grow helps you discover a road-map to creating sustainable fundraising revenue throughout the year.

4 Steps to Funding Your New or Small Nonprofit FastSandy Rees, CFRE covers how to find ideal donor prospects, how to craft a heart-warming, wallet-opening message, and how to do it all with perfect timing so that your donors are ready and eager to give.

How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great ResultsKivi Leroux Miller shares what she has learned from coaching hundreds of nonprofit communications directors and teams: The secrets to being more strategic, effective, and happy in your nonprofit communications work.

The Risk of Underinvesting in FundraisingAnne Wallestad and H. Art Taylor will share a new framework for measuring fundraising effectiveness designed to help boards and staffs have informed conversations about the importance of a well-balanced fundraising strategy.

How to Do a Strategic Nonprofit SWOT Analysis – A SWOT analysis takes a structured approach that looks at where you are and where you’re headed, based on discernible internal and external factors. Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE shares useful guidelines and exercises you can take back to your team.

Measuring More Than Money at Your NonprofitSimone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip lead an exploration of qualitative measures rather than numeric data into how we commonly measure fundraising success.

Conducting A Strategic Portfolio ReviewCarol Hamilton outlines a rigorous process that enables you to review your portfolio of programs and initiatives and make strategic decisions.

Creating A 12-Month Donor Engagement PlanBrian Lauterbach shows you the steps you need to take in order to retain and upgrade donors all year long.

How to Increase Your Nonprofit’s ImpactLarry C. Johnson shows you how you build a fundraising machine that is simple, powerful and lasting.

A Design Thinking Process for NonprofitsCarol Hamilton will share a design thinking process to help you create solutions that are grounded in the experience of your stakeholders and informed by their feedback through a co-creation process.

Nonprofit Organizational Planning In Times Of UncertaintyRenee Rubin Ross will explore considerations for organizational planning and models that have helped nonprofits to build plans that support their work through recent shifts.

Donors, Data Privacy & Security, and Doing What’s “Right”T. Clay Buck and Ryan Woroniecki will show you how to safeguard your data, keep your donors happy, and protect yourself and your org.

Using the Agile Framework in Fundraising TeamsDiane Leonard will teach you how to utilize the Scrum framework in your organization to significantly improve the fundraising team process.

Where to Find Potential Donors to Support Your Cause – Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on finding potential supporters for your nonprofit organization.

First Steps to Nonprofit Strategic Planning, Now!Dr. Renee Rubin Ross will provide concrete steps organizational leaders can take to plan strategically — building investment, ownership and fundraising.

Creative Ways People Contribute to CommunityLindsay Simonds will decode the top five most impactful ways people contribute to communities.

How to Get a Return on Your Nonprofit Technology Investment – If you’re looking at your technology budget and wondering whether you’re getting your money’s worth, Maureen Wallbeoff will tell you exactly how to harness the power of your technology to help your organization grow.

Public Relations / Media Relations

Digital PR Basics for NonprofitsJulia Campbell outlines public relations techniques that nonprofits can implement to build movements and connect with supporters, in an authentic and ethical way.

Boost Your Nonprofit’s Media Relations StrategyAntionette Kerr goes over five simple ways to boost coverage for your nonprofit.

Social Media

How to Dramatically Broadcast Your impact with Facebook LiveJohn Haydon shows you how to use Facebook Live to engage supporters and raise more money.

10 Ways to Improve Donor Retention With Social MediaJulia Campbell shows you how to use social media and other free online tools to create your very own donor gratitude campaign, on a shoestring budget!

8 Expert Tips To Raise $10K+ On FacebookSean Kosofsky shows you eight tips that will dramatically increase the number of dollars you raise on Facebook.

Emerging Trends in Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Julia Campbell will provide a framework for evaluating the best platforms for your unique organization, as well as ideas for creating great social media content your audience will love.

Using WhatsApp to Increase Engagement with Multicultural CommunitiesNaira Bonilla will show you how to connect with diverse communities and create strong relationships using WhatsApp, the #1 messaging app in the world.

Sponsorship / Corporate Relations

How Nonprofits Can Attract, Cultivate, and Wow Corporate Sponsors – Do you dread finding sponsors for your next event? Are you tired of offering the same levels and benefits year after year? There’s a better way, and you can learn it from Joanna Hogan here!

Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Matching GiftsHannah Silvers gives a crash course in corporate matching gifts that includes breakdowns of the matching gift process, an overview of popular corporate matching gift programs, and techniques for marketing matching gifts to donors, all with real examples from nonprofits.

Developing Effective Nonprofit Partnership AgreementsMandy Pearce, CFRE focuses on fundamental concepts of understanding, developing, and maintaining strategic partnerships that will ensure long-term organizational success.

How to Create a Happy Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorship RelationshipGregory A. Nielsen provides an overview of fiscal sponsorship as a tool for both existing nonprofits and groups not currently recognized as public charities.

Fundraising Event Sponsors: How to Find Them & Create a Win-WinChad Barger, CFRE helps you maximize sponsorship revenue at your next fundraising event.

Nonprofit Partnership Models for Lasting Change –  Julie Ha Truong will share an action-oriented session that will have you reflecting on your partnership building approach and give you specific tips to take your partnerships to the next level.

Come Together – The Road to Nonprofit Merger SuccessGregory Nielsen will discuss common scenarios that lend themselves to merger, identifying potential partners, and assessing collaborative possibilities.


Stewardship is the StrategyLindsay Simonds will address the fundamentals and trends to set the stage, and then dive into examples of how nonprofits are framing their thinking about sustaining long term donor partnerships.

13 Nonprofit Thank You Mistakes to AvoidClaire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE explains how to think through your thank you process, put some procedures in writing, and get others on board.

Why Good Gratitude Boosts Retention, Loyalty, and EngagementBeth Ann Locke provides stats, real-life examples, and her own tips on how she authentically connects with donor and prospects through thanking.

Women and Giving: Meaningful Approaches and Stewardship – Women and men make their giving decisions differently. Judith Smith, CFRE covers research regarding women and philanthropy and how it might apply to our work.

The 7 Lessons of #DonorLoveJen Love and John Lepp share lessons in how to love your donors, using specific and successful examples of inspiring storytelling and brilliant design.

How to Think Like a Donor in 1 HourRachel Muir, CFRE helps us see through our donor’s eyes with tips for better donor communication, cultivation and discovery.

Harnessing Donor Passion to Drive ActionLori L. Jacobwith shows examples of how other nonprofits have harnessed the passion of their community and their mission using authentic, clear word choices.

The 5 Donor Love LanguagesTammy Zonker teaches you about the five donor love languages and how to speak the love language your donor prefers; radically improving your donor retention rates.

How #DonorLove Connects Annual and Legacy FundraisingJen Love and John Lepp share successful case studies and examples of donor love in action from Canada and around the world.

Don’t Waste Your Nonprofit’s Annual ReportMary Cahalane talks about how to make your annual report show your organization’s great work, demonstrate your effectiveness, thank and credit your donors… and raise money!

How To Find Your Nonprofit’s Money StoryLori L. Jacobwith shows you how to reduce “talking about money” discomfort and how to powerfully include your money story in your fundraising communication.

Building Trust to Skyrocket Fundraising ResultsTammy Zonker teaches you the fundamental process of building trust and watch your relationships and fundraising results soar.

3 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage the Power of Stories before December 31stVanessa Chase Lockshin shows you three easy ways you can leverage the power of stories to raise more money before December 31.

How Savvy Marketing Translates to More DonationsBeth Brodovsky shows you what savvy nonprofit marketers do to build engagement and turn it into action.

Donor Stewardship That Tells a Story – There are lots of ways to steward donors and even more ways that you could tell stories. Vanessa Chase Lockshin talks about the best ways to combine these strategies so that donors feel thanked, connected to their giving values, and understand their impact.

Effective Ways to Engage Young DonorsRachel Clemens and Caroline Fothergill walk through inspiring real-world examples of how nonprofit organizations are using dynamic campaigns to reach Millennials and to generate mission-fueling revenue.

Personalized Communications: The Key To Donor RetentionValerie Harris will discuss best practices for producing the personalized, “donor-centric” communications that can propel your donor retention rate past the national average of towards the high retention enjoyed by elite institutions.

More Clicks and More Gifts Through Effective StorytellingMadison Gonzalez will teach a practical method on how to tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that your audience can’t help but consume.

How to Tap Into Gen Y & Z DonorsDominique Calixte will equip you with the knowledge and resources to include Millennials and Gen Z in your fundraising strategy successfully.

This page will be updated with new webinars to help with your nonprofit professional development.