Webinar: Fundraising for Elites

Webinar: Fundraising for Elites2017-06-10T17:46:54-04:00

This presentation will be recorded for future viewing.


When: Thursday, January 8th, 2015 – 1pm-2pm Eastern

An elite, in the popular parlance, is often someone at the top of a pyramid usually of power or wealth who is, at best, removed from the lives of ordinary people and, at worst, a bigoted snob.

Want a fundraising program that delivers sustainable revenue that grows year-in and year-out? The unique fundraising idea is to deliberately focus your fundraising efforts on elites. Not elites as popularly portrayed, however.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the critical first step to achieve philanthropic revenue growth
  • Learn how focusing on the right fundraising priorities (to the exclusion of others) builds revenue that scales
  • Learn the essential component to sustained fundraising success

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

An internationally recognized philanthropy and fundraising coach, Larry C. Johnson knows that financial sustainability and scalability is possible for any nonprofit organization or charitable cause–regardless of size.

Author of the award-wining book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising, Larry is ranked in the Top 15 Fundraising Consultants in the United States by the Wall Street Business Network. He was awarded the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Outstanding Development Executive distinction in 2010. Learn more about Larry at www.TheEightPrinciples.com