Webinar: Finding Your Middle Class Millionaires

Webinar: Finding Your Middle Class Millionaires2017-06-10T17:47:08-04:00

This presentation will be recorded for future viewing.


When: Thursday, December 18th, 2014 – 1pm-2pm Eastern

Every nonprofit has Middle Class Millionaires actively involved in and supporting the organization. Do you know who they are? (Hint: you might be surprised at their characteristics and what they look like!) Do you understand their philanthropic goals and the values they share with your organization? Can you persuade them to make a major gift or bequest commitment?

Connecting with these key donors requires a new approach – one that is built on sharing a new vision with your board and key volunteers who work in the financial services industry (i.e. CPA’s lawyers, financial planners etc.) Learn how to effectively connect with your B and C-level donors (who may be unrecognized millionaires) and upgrade them to major gift status. Discover how to leverage your board and volunteers to help you find, motivate, and inspire these “under the radar” prospects.

Learning Objectives:

The first portion of the presentation outlines the general characteristics of the Middle Class Millionaire and describes what concerns prevent them from considering the idea of making a major gift or leaving a bequest to a cherished charity.

The remainder of the presentation promotes the idea of leveraging those volunteers who work in the financial services industry into a dynamic (and free) resource that can help charities empower and motivate the Middle Class Millionaires into action. Using this approach, you create a sustainable gift planning culture within your organization.

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

Harold Pinkham is a principal and co-founder of ActivateLegacy. He provides support to the leadership of non-profit organizations in developing and implementing meaningful Gift Development programs designed to generate substantial long-term gifts. This enables the organizations to create more social impact in their local communities. Harold has an extensive background in non-profit leadership, fundraising, board development, and program implementation, built through a 20-year career with the Boy Scouts of America. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Ron Ware: Ron Ware is founder and President of Wealth Impact Partners and a principal and co-founder of ActivateLegacy. For nearly 20 years, he has helped numerous families discover and articulate a personal definition of legacy and stewardship and then work to fulfill it. As a personal legacy advisor, Ron educates, motivates, and empowers individuals, families, and business owners to clarify the purpose of their life and their wealth. He helps them think deeply about what’s possible, affirm what they really care about, and confidently plan to make a significant impact on the people, causes and organizations they care about most. Ron is a gifted and passionate speaker and teacher, he teaches regularly on behalf of tax, legal, financial and other professional colleagues and charities. Ron earned a Juris Doctorate from Regent University in Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island.