Webinar: Confident Fundraising for Nonprofit CEOs and EDs

Webinar: Confident Fundraising for Nonprofit CEOs and EDs2017-06-10T17:47:48-04:00


Susan A

When: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 – 2pm-3pm EDT

Are you a nonprofit CEO or Executive Director with a large fundraising goal and too few tools to reach it? Would you like to feel confident in your ability to close the gifts that you know are needed to help you make mission happen

[and keep on the lights]?

This program is geared toward the decision-makers at the top who need to ‘learn it,’ ‘get it’ and ‘get it done.’ (We encourage development staff to attend as well to support your CEO!). We go straight to the top of the pyramid for this one, talking about the highest level potential donors and the strategies to get them to support you at the highest levels.

The presenter encourages interactive sessions and will entertain questions about your real donors [change the names if you want!] and real problems you face, right now. Take advantage of this offer to get your own questions answered about how to successfully close the highest level gifts!

Learning Objectives:

  • Why you want to unleash your own passion and energy around mission.
  • Understanding the importance of ‘who cares the most?’
  • Realizing that it’s not about the money; heartfelt purposeful connection yields lucrative and meaningful returns.
  • Share your story!

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

Having a donor thank her for offering the opportunity to make a gift is Susan Axelrod‘s sweet spot. She brings to her teaching and training programs 30 years of fundraising experience and an intuitive sense about working with people’s philanthropic passions.

Susan was a practitioner during the first half of her career and has had a successful consulting practice since 2001. As a consultant she has focused on helping organizations commit energy and passion to donor relationships, cherishing and nurturing them through personalized strategies and meaningful giving opportunities.

Susan is the Managing Partner and Lead Coach of Confident Fundraising and will be offering and facilitating the first-ever Fundraising Mastermind Group for Nonprofit Leaders, to begin in January 2015. There are only six spots available and applications are now being accepted.