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Job Status: Full-Time

Salary: $x to $x

When you become the Volunteer Coordinator, you become a superhero, joining the likes of Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne. Your VC-senses will tingle when you see staff in need, and you’ll know what to do to solve the problem. When the Executive Director comes up with a brilliant idea (all her ideas are brilliant… smile and nod…) to serve our community, but it requires an army of passionate people, she will shine the VC-signal into the night’s sky, searching for you, the hero who can assemble the volunteer forces. When you become the VC, your life as a mere civilian is over. Are you ready for this?

As our volunteer program planner, you get to

  • Establish goals and strategies for the program that support our mission
  • Assess organizational needs that volunteers can solve
  • Create a positive volunteer experience that helps volunteers meet their philanthropic goals and ambitions through a relationship with our organization
  • Formulate and present a program budget to senior management
  • Prepare annual reports on program success

As our volunteer organizer, you get to

  • Institute program policies and procedures (e.g. documenting volunteer hours)
  • Regularly evaluate services delivered by volunteers and enact necessary changes
  • Utilize our database/CRM to maintain volunteer records and track volunteer statistics
  • Create and maintain volunteer sign-up forms
  • Produce supportive materials for stages in the volunteer process (i.e. applications, releases, policies and procedures, agreements and orientation handbooks)
  • Write volunteer position descriptions
  • Lead volunteers through orientation and training
  • Monitor expenses against the approved budget

As our volunteer engagement specialist, you get to

  • Target ideal volunteers and promote the program in the communities
  • Develop strategies to recruit people with the right skills
  • Streamline the intake and interview protocol, ensuring that volunteers are appropriately screened
  • Match volunteer skills and interests with existing needs
  • Evaluate contribution of individual volunteers and organize formal recognition events

This job might be for you if

  • The word “organize” excites you. You don’t mind herding cats (in fact, you quite enjoy it).
  • You believe that dreams that can be achieved alone are not big enough. You love inspiring people to join a mission, and you know how to mobilize groups to meet goals.
  • You know a lot about volunteerism. You probably have 3-5 years of leadership experience under your belt, and you stay attuned to current trends and resources.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re always searching your environment for needs you can meets and problems you can solve.
  • You can build long-term relationships with volunteers, staff and communities. Databases do not scare you and you know how to utilize them to maintain connections. You also are good at helping members of a team work well with each other. Synergy. What a horrible, pragmatic word.
  • You inspire through word – written and spoken – and deed. You lead from the front.

Physical prowess not required

You won’t need the endurance of a stallion, but you will have some light physical demands (i.e. spending hours listening and talking; working on the computer and phone; driving to appointments and events; lifting light pieces of equipment and materials; and occasionally working long days, nights or weekends).

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