Getting Started 

This silent auction acknowledgement letter template is designed for an international aid organization. The language in this template is a good starting point for your nonprofit, but it should be adapted to fit your organization’s mission and impact stories. It should also be discussed and reviewed by relevant parties within your organization after customization. You may need to consult with legal counsel to make sure you are in compliance with federal rules. This article from The NonProfit Times can be a good starting point. 

The section below titled “Silent Auction Acknowledgement Letter Template” includes a template that you can copy and paste and make your own. 

Resources used as inspiration and research for this template

Why is this template important?

Having a solid silent auction acknowledgement letter template is a good start to improving donor retention, employing good event follow up, and fostering strong relationships with recurring and first-time donors. Not only is a silent auction a great fundraising opportunity for your nonprofit, but it’s also an event that can easily be converted to a virtual format with pick-up locations or porch drop-offs for auction items. Ensure that you’re making the most of your silent auction with good event-follow up and acknowledgement. Let’s get started with your customizable template! 

The following is a templated silent auction acknowledgement letter for an international aid organization that aims to provide clean drinking water for everyone.

Silent Auction Acknowledgement Letter Template


Donor Name


Street address

City, state/province ZIP/postal code


Dear [donor’s name],

Because of your recent silent auction purchase for the value of [$ fair market value] and additional donation of [$x], we at [name of your organization], are happy to pass along your life-changing gift of water to those who need it most, like Azere and her family. 

*Include image of the family outside their home 

Azere lives in a village in Tanzania with her husband and three children. Every day she works to provide security and stability to her family, as well as the time and opportunity for her children to focus on their studies while balancing their responsibilities at home. 

Thanks to your bid and contribution, she now has access to clean, potable water. It’s hard to put a value on what this invaluable resource means to Azere and her family, but your gift and generosity is benefiting their family’s health and security, as well as her children’s education. 

“Quote from Azere about how her children can focus on their studies and schoolwork instead of spending time gathering water.”

No goods or services were received in exchange for the silent auction donation from [local business name], and your contribution is already being put to good use. We’re so happy to partner with local businesses like [local business name] and yourself to help in our goal of providing clean drinking water to not just Azere and her family, but also her neighbors and friends. No one should be without this life-sustaining resource.  

“Another quote from Azere on her family’s improved health and increased safety and security through the donor’s contribution.”

Thank you again for your support! 


[Executive director or fundraiser name], [Job title]

P.S. feel free to reach out anytime. My cell is (xxx) xxx-xxxx and my email is [] – I’d love to chat and keep in touch with you. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is best practices around gift acknowledgement: make it donor-centered and avoid including an ask. Don’t forget to customize this silent auction acknowledgement letter template — make it your own by adding your own stories and quotes. Check out these storytelling tips to help with your customization. 

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