To fulfill their missions, many nonprofits depend on grants, campaigns, partnerships and positive exposure. One of the easiest ways to get positive exposure and raise awareness about your nonprofit is to direct other sources and news sites say about you and when they say it.

Use this template to track your nonprofit’s paid media results, impressions, and spending. After all, paid media is a great tool to help shape public opinion.

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Why Your Organization Should Have A Paid Media Impressions Tracking Template

Nonprofit Paid Media Impressions Tracking Template

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Leah Shattuck
Marketing & Communications Professional
Leah is a freelance marketing and communications professional. She was previously the Communications Director for the Alzheimer's Association Greater Indiana Chapter. Leah has over 10 years of  experience in the nonprofit sector where she's developed collateral, engaged in media relations, created social media plans, and planned fundraising events and press conferences. 
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