these templates are meant to be a starting point and not the final product – please feel free to edit to match your own needs, brand voice and organizational values

Job Status: Full-Time

Salary: $x to $x

As our Communications Director, you have the unique opportunity to convey our vision and appreciation to audiences inside and outside the organization. You decide what we’ll say, how we’ll say it, where we’ll say it, who will say it, when we’ll say it and who we’ll say it to. It’s a lot of responsibility, but that should excite you!

As our creator of the communications strategy, you get to

  • Develop organization-wide plans that strengthen our brand identity across all networks and stakeholders
  • Monitor internal and external environmental issues and turn them into opportunities
  • Prepare short-term and long-term communication budgets
  • Set and hit communications departmental goals such as public awareness, media impressions, email list size, social media followers, etc. – all of which should result in an increase in donor revenue and loyalty

As our manager of communications operations, you get to

  • Recruit, supervise and mentor members of a communications team
  • Manage all media contacts and serve as liaison between media outlets and our organization
  • Prepare talking points, speeches and presentations

As our supervisor of communication activities, you get to

  • Generate and distribute online, broadcast and print materials that engage segments and inspire action
  • Oversee content production and maintenance of the website
  • Ensure that all collateral maintains or enhances the organization’s brand image
  • Create processes to track the effectiveness of communications activities
  • Solicit and maintain media sponsorships
  • Increase social media engagement through excellent content curation and individual interaction

This job might be for you if

  • You have 5 years of communications experience – creating and implementing strategies and developing online content. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing or PR is preferred and a grad degree in a related field is desirable.
  • You communicate poorly. Psyche! You’re the freaking communications manager, you’ve gotta be able to do it effectively! You listen to understand, and when you speak/write, you are understood. You know how to turn knowledge into exciting and useful messages and distribute them to the right audiences. You’re willing to share your ideas among senior management.
  • You have the ability to lead volunteers, staff and board members with energy and maturity. Collaborating with diverse teams excites you, and you have no problem managing multiple initiatives at once.
  • Computers do what you say. You are confident with the office suite, website content management, email marketing and social media networks.

Physical prowess not required

You won’t need the endurance of a stallion, but you will have some light physical demands (i.e. spending hours listening and talking; working on the computer and phone; driving to appointments and events; lifting light pieces of equipment and materials; and occasionally working long days, nights or weekends).

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