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Data Enhancement Services

Data Enhancement Services from Bloomerang

Names. Emails. Cell phones. Addresses. Birth dates. It’s a lot of data to keep up with, but if it’s not up-to-date, it’s not really all that useful.

Browse our services below to gain a better understanding of how you’ll benefit from these appends and get a sense of the investment associated with each. (Need some additional cost justification to help educate your board, or make that grant proposal stand out? We’ve got you covered!)

Phone Numbers

If you are going to conduct a telemarketing campaign, you will need accurate telephone numbers. It is perhaps even more beneficial to have accurate phone numbers in order to call donors, and personally thank them for their support. Can you say donor retention? People love thank you phone calls!

Service Description Price
Consumer Home Phone Append Uses name and address information to validate and append home phone numbers. $525+
Cell Phone Append Uses name and address information to validate and append cell phone numbers. $575+
Business Phone Append (main line) Uses name and addresses and validate and append organizations’ main line numbers. $550+
Reverse Phone Append Uses phone numbers to validate and append name and address information. $525+


Email Addresses

You can expand the reach of your email marketing and email appeals by verifying your constituent’s most current deliverable email address. You can also increase the effectiveness of your direct mail communication by using your email list to validate names and addresses!

Service Description Price
Reverse Email Append Uses email address to validate and append name and address information. $525+
Email List Validation Uses existing email address information to validate the email addresses you already have, to identify invalid email formats, corrects misspellings, ensures most accurate status of every domain, determines whether emails to a inbox will hard bounce, soft bounce, or deliver, and will categorize which emails are bad and why. $750+


Demographic and Other Additional Data

Successful donor and prospect communications may require more than just contact information. Many organizations use data unique to each of their donors to personalize their communications, and we have the services listed below to help make that possible.

Service Description Price
Deceased Suppression Processing All names (full name and last name only) and address are matched against public records of deceased individuals. Matches on the full name are Individual Matches and matches on only last name are Household Matches. The deceased date, if known, is provided. Identified constituents are marked in your database. $425+ if you are a Grow/Grow+ customer, FREE if you are a standard customer
Birth Date Append Uses name and address to validate and append birth date information for individuals. $600+
Name Append Uses address information to validate and append first name and last name information. $550+
County Name/Number Append Uses address information to return the County name or number that the address is in. $425+
Congressional District Append Uses address information to return the Congressional district that the address is in. $425+
Gender Coding Uses name and address information to validate and append gender information (either M, F, or Ambiguous) $425+


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