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Transform your volunteer program - Inspire volunteers, maximize impact

Bloomerang Volunteer makes it easy to grow your volunteer base, simplify tasks, and save time in the process.

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TRUSTED BY Leading Organizations

Elevate your volunteer management experience.

Streamline the process of recruiting, scheduling and communicating to reclaim valuable time. One place to nurture both donor and volunteer relationships, turning volunteers into donors, and donors into volunteers.


Create a frictionless volunteer experience.

Streamline your sign-up process with a modern and easy-to-use volunteer management solution that staff and volunteers love.

Bloomerang Volunteer UI

Easy to use

A simple and intuitive experience for both staff and volunteers. Customizable settings and flexible views make complex problems simple and empower you to work your way.

We were able to bring the whole process of assigning volunteers into a self-sign-up model that made the process much easier.

Bob Blacksberg, Board Member KlezKanada

Bloomerang Volunteer scheduling

Get time back in your day

Eliminate unnecessary tasks, simplify processes, and scale your program. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging volunteers.

"Bloomerang Volunteer is a huge answer to our volunteer management and communication questions. Our organization is growing very quickly right now which means the amount of volunteers we have is growing fast! Bloomerang Volunteer's custom forms have helped all our staff be able to see everyone's information in one place. We are able to protect the children we serve as well as our organization because all staff can see each volunteer's qualifications in one place!"

Anna Unruh, Director of Community Engagement Joy Meadows Foster Community

Volunteer recruitment features for Bloomerang Volunteer.

Streamline recruitment

Simplify your recruiting, screening and scheduling workflows and create a great volunteer experience in the process.

The greatest benefit was the ability to streamline the entire volunteer recruitment and management process.

Grace Fuhr, Event Director Historic Milwaukee

Engage volunteers with Bloomerang volunteer management software.

Retain volunteers

Empower volunteers with easy and flexible ways to contribute to your mission. Recognize their efforts with automatic recognition emails that celebrate their contributions. Use the leaderboard to recognize your top volunteers and spark some friendly competition. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones with personalized email automations to save you time. Re-engage lapsed volunteers with a dedicated email automation and share opportunities you think will get them to come back.

Demonstrate an impact with your volunteers.

Demonstrate impact

With all your data in one place, you can bring light to the social impact you’re making through your volunteer program. Create general activity reports, better understand the value of time to make more intelligent decisions and support grant applications, engage volunteers based on their status, and inspire volunteers by showing their true impact.

The top value is the immense savings in our staff time for scheduling and communicating with volunteers.

Jamie Cross, Emergency Programs Manager GlobalMedic

Turn volunteers into donors, donors into volunteers

Turn volunteers into donors, donors into volunteers

With our two-way sync of constituent profiles and volunteer activity data between Bloomerang Volunteer and the donor management platform, you can view supporter engagement, all in one place. Combined with the Bloomerang engagement meter, you can identify dedicated volunteers who have high potential to be repeat donors.

"The volunteer profile integration is a wonderful advantage. This is a HUGE timesaver for our staff! Syncing is easy and quick and means that all of our constituent and volunteer information is in one place!

Anna Unruh, Director of Community Engagement Joy Meadows Foster Community

Additional Resources

Download the Buyer’s Guide to Volunteer Management Software.


Volunteer management made easy

Volunteer management

Administer and streamline all your critical tasks and store your data in one place. Customize recruitment, scheduling, and administrative settings on an organizational and program level.

Recruitment workflows

Flexible workflows that include form questions, qualifications, roles, availability, and shift sign-up and make it easy to collect documents like background checks and waivers.

Powerful scheduling tool

Easily create unlimited schedules, send confirmations and notifications, and track attendance. Create your schedules your way, with multiple calendars and list views, filters, and bulk actions.

Self-serve options

Online applications, volunteer dashboards and a powerful mobile app make it easy for volunteers to sign-up for the roles, shifts and tasks that interest them.

Personalized outreach

Thank volunteers and share their impact with personalized messages through the mobile app or email.

End-to-end reporting

Custom and pre-built templates that are easy-to-use and deliver in-depth, end-to-end reporting across all your programs and events. Centralized database synced with your CRM instance gives you a complete view of your volunteers and ensures your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Data transfer

Two-way Profile Sync

Keep records up to date with one entry. Track volunteer hours and activities in Bloomerang Volunteer, then identify those with high donation potential with Bloomerang’s Engagement meter.

Bloomerang Volunteer Mobile App

Mobile App

Our mobile app empowers volunteers and makes it easy for staff to manage and communicate with them whenever and wherever necessary.

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