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Reporting & Analytics

Strengthen your donor community with actionable data.

With Bloomerang’s reporting and analytics tools, you have the power to learn more about how and why your donors give so you can spend time where it matters most.

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Take the guesswork out of reporting.

Easily generate comprehensive reports for your team and board members. Create segmented lists for your presentations, marketing campaigns, fundraising, and annual planning.


Understand your data. Unlock the generosity of your donors.

Save time, better allocate your resources, and prioritize and personalize your campaigns. With Bloomerang, you can easily see the metrics that will help you refine your fundraising efforts and grow your donor relationships.

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Get detailed insights.

Dig into the events and factors that affect your donors’ giving habits.

“The reporting feature has helped us immensely. We use it for everything from creating a newsletter mailing list to running a revenue report.

Josie Brownell Wood River Land Trust

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Save time to spend time.

Use the time you save to build deeper connections with your donors.

“The reporting tool has been instrumental in our donor retention. We have been able to develop YoY reports much easier and with a larger capability than our previous database (which was limited to 4 time periods). We can run data from throughout our history and on nearly any criterion. The soft-crediting capability was a must for us, and it works well.”

Cassie Mead Flint Public Library

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Make sense of your data.

Get valuable insights with just a few clicks.

“I can run a report of the donors I’m responsible for cultivating and look at it often to be intentional about checking in with donors. When we receive a donation, I can look in the contact’s account to see which staff member is assigned and assign a task to that staff so they can follow up with a phone call or handwritten thank you. It’s all about relationship building!”

Deborah Garrott Pathway Caring for Children

Top fundraising consultants recommend Bloomerang.


Actionable reports you can trust

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Filter-based reporting

Our easy-to-use, filter-based reporting system allows you to learn more about your donors and make a bigger impact.

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Supporter sentiment

Learn how your donors feel about you and track changes in their trust, commitment, satisfaction, and intimacy with your organization.

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Segments and lists

Pull the most vital information and use it to create segments and lists for your presentations, marketing, fundraising, and annual planning.

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Built-in report templates

Pull the standard reports that all fundraisers need, including LYBUNT, SYBUNT, Pledge Reminders, and Downgrades. You can also find built-in templates for reports showing one-time donors, household averages, and lapsed donors.

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Trend and comparison reports

Pull reports to see which donors have downgraded or lapsed and look into potential reasons why. Create comparison reports for donors such as year-over-year and analyze which interactions influenced their giving.

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Scheduled reports

Schedule one-off, daily, weekly, or monthly reports with the report attached as an .xls file. 


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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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