Stop Pulling Your Hair Out, Start Making Sense of Your Data

Your donor database is only as good as the actionable insights you can get out of it.

Our easy-to-use, filter-based reporting system allows you to uncover and drill down into the constituent group that you need to see.

But we don’t stop there. Not only do we show you who is downgrading, who is upgrading, or who might have a pledge due next month, but we also show you why those things are happening. Why did a donor give last year, but not this year? Why was your 2014 Annual Campaign more successful than 2015 or 2016? Why are people attending your events, but not supporting your organization financially?

You can also set your report filters once, then create a recurring schedule to send updated report results to your (or another person’s) inbox automatically

Say goodbye to queries, and hello to actionable insights from Bloomerang!


Powerful and Easy-to-Run Reports


Built-In Templates

We’ve got you covered with the standard reports that all fundraisers need, including LYBUNT, SYBUNT, Pledge Reminders and Downgrades – as well some you may not have thought of, such as One-Time Donors, Household Averages and Lapsed Donors.

Reporting Customization

Easy Customization

Starting with a template doesn’t lock you into anything. Any existing or canned report can be customized to your liking. You can even copy filters from an existing report. Filters are designed so users can understand what’s happening by reading in natural language (no query language to learn!).

Comparison Reporting

Comparison Reporting

Create comparison reports for donors, such as how much they gave in 2015 vs. 2014 (fiscal or calendar year), and analyze which interactions influenced their giving.

Trends Reporting

Trend Reporting

Filter on which donors have downgraded, which donors have lapsed, and what actions you took that may have contributed to those results. You can identify constituents based on both transactions and interactions, or any combination of timeline entries.

Reporting Email

Communicate From Saved Reports

Create letters and emails to communicate with the constituents in your reports. Bloomerang will automatically apply each constituent’s preferences to make any necessary exclusions.

Reporting Changes

Make Changes on the Fly

Quickly change reports by dragging and dropping filters and columns, and watch the results update real time with each change. No need to refresh or wait for the report to generate!

Scheduled Reports

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