Bloomerang iOS App: Best Practices In Your Pocket

Everything you love about Bloomerang’s donor management software, now on your iPhone!

  • Access your database and steward donors from anywhere.
  • View your dashboard to see high-level metrics including campaign progress and your current donor retention rate.
  • See transactions come through in real-time, and click through to the constituent’s profile to start stewarding them immediately.
  • Organize and assign tasks for you and your colleagues so you stay up to date on who you need to reach out to.
  • Research your supporters prior to meeting with them, and capture notes of the conversation as soon as it ends.
  • Take donations on-site with ease.

The Bloomerang iOS mobile app is perfect for board members and staff alike!

Perfect for the Fundraiser on the Go (Or At Home)

Need to prep for a donor meeting on the fly? Just pull up Bloomerang on your smartphone browser to access your full database. There’s no need to wait until you’ve returned to the office from a donor meeting to enter any notes. Capture that info while it’s still fresh in your mind!

Let’s say you’re watching the news or reading the newspaper. You see a story about a current donor who is being honored with an award. You can pull out your phone and make a note on their profile and set yourself (or a colleague) a task to send them a congratulatory note. If they’re not a current donor but you think they might be, you can run a quick wealth screen right from your phone.

Or if you’re sitting at home on the evening of Giving Tuesday, you can pull up the Activity Feed and see donations come in real-time, and click through to the donor profile’s contact info to send a thank you text or email, or even give them a quick phone call to say thanks. Board members can be empowered to do the same.

Accept Donations On-Site

Hosting an event or exhibiting at a conference or gathering?

With the Bloomerang mobile app and Stripe swiper, you can take credit card donations instantly while populating the constituent profile in Bloomerang.

Instead of having a jar of cash, you can take cash donations and immediately attribute them to a new or existing constituent in your database, allowing you to acknowledge the cash gift – rather than having a nameless jar of cash at the end of the day. Chip, swipe, or type in 16 digits!

Steward New Donors Immediately

Did you know that a brand new donor who is called within the first 90 days of their gift is more likely to make a second gift, make that second gift sooner, and give more money than if they aren’t called at all?

That’s why we highlight brand new donors right on your mobile dashboard, and give you the ability to easily call them right from the app.

You can also assign the task of calling new donors to teammates and board members!

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The Bloomerang iOS app only works with iOS versions 13 and higher.