Bloomerang: An Ideal Donor Database for Major Gift Fundraising

We didn’t create Bloomerang to be just a passive database of names, addresses and phone numbers.

We built Bloomerang to be a tool that not only helps you retain your donors, but helps you unlock their true giving potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned major gift officer or a novice looking to land their first big gift, Bloomerang is the ideal donor database for raising major gifts!

Read on to see why.

Engagement + Generosity: Together At Last

Bloomerang’s Constituent Giving Summary includes our proprietary Engagement Level™, whose algorithm was designed by legendary fundraising expert Dr. Adrian Sargeant.

It also includes our proprietary Generosity Score™, which is based on publicly available philanthropic screening data from our partner DonorSearch.

Both are measured in “cold,” “warm,” “hot,” and “on fire!” allowing you to easily see who might be a major gift prospect. With Bloomerang, you can stop reaching out to rich strangers and start cultivating your existing loyal supporters!

Donor Engagement Factors

There are many signals that a donor can send that show their true level of engagement with your nonprofit organization. Some are cries for help: signals that donors are becoming disinterested or disenchanted with your organization, while others are beacons of what could be a lifelong relationship. Unfortunately, these seemingly innocuous signals can go unnoticed by fundraisers, causing them to miss out on opportunities for meaningful interaction.

Below are examples of some of the signals that go into our engagement meter:

  • Recency of giving
  • Frequency of giving
  • Amount given
  • Upgrade or downgrade
  • Lapsed
  • Attends events
  • Volunteers
  • Has soft credits
  • Has inbound interactions
  • Website visits
  • Subscribes to emails
  • Opens emails
  • Clicks emails
  • Unsubscribes from emails
  • Interacts on social media

Other Features Major Gift Fundraisers Love

BCC to Bloomerang

BCC to Bloomerang

Hopefully you’re communicating personally with current and prospective major gift donors. Any email you send or receive from a constituent can be automatically recorded on their Bloomerang profile by simply BCC’ing Bloomerang on any message.

Timeline Highlights

There’s no need to scour data file after data file or cluttered lists for a constituent’s history with your org. Bloomerang’s timeline visually represents all interactions while providing highlights of significant trends.

Trend Reporting

Trend Reporting

Complicated queries are a thing of the past with our easy-to-use reporting system. Want to know what a donor or specific group of donors has given over a given period of time? It’s just a click away!

Custom Fields

Moves Management Custom Fields

Custom fields are unlimited in Bloomerang, giving you maximum flexibility in what you track on each constituent’s profile. You can set up a customized major gift process and track every step of the process.


DonorSearch ProspectView

Research the public wealth information and philanthropic track record of individuals directly from your Bloomerang database through our custom DonorSearch integration.

Nightly NCOA Updates

Nightly NCOA Updates

No matter how much a donor loves your mission and impact, they are not very likely to proactively inform you that they have a new address. Addresses are automatically updated in the database, and changes are displayed in the address note.

Nightly Birth Year Updates

Nightly Birth Year Updates

Want to segment your communications by the age of your constituents? As part of the NCOA updates, you’ll also have updated birth year information on a nightly basis. Perfect for planned giving and bequest marketing!

Nightly Deceased Suppression

Nightly Deceased Suppression

As part of the NCOA updates, deceased constituents are marked as Deceased in Bloomerang. Search the constituent in your NCOA Dashboard to see if there is additional information like deceased date and a link to an obituary.

Major gift fundraising

Retain More First-Time Donors

The first step in creating a major donor relationship is retaining a new donor. Unfortunately, first-time donors are typically retained at a rate of 20%, meaning 8 out of 10 new donors never make a second gift.

Every research study into donor loyalty suggests in one way or another that the best thing you can do for donors, especially new donors, is to thank them quickly and personally. In today’s impersonal, digital age, no method of communication will stand out more than a phone call.

McConkey International UK found that first-time donors who get a personal thank you within 48 hours are four times more likely to give a second gift. Penelope Burk, author of Donor-Centered Fundraising, and Donor-Centered Leadership, says that a thank-you call from a board member to a new donor within 24 hours of their gift will increase their next gift by 39%.

We recognize that it isn’t always possible to call all first-time donors. That’s why Bloomerang will prioritize who you should call!

iOS Mobile App – Perfect for the Major Gift Officer on the Go

Need to prep for a donor meeting on the fly? Just pull up Bloomerang on your smartphone browser to access your full database. There’s no need to wait until you’ve returned to the office from a donor meeting to enter any notes. Capture that info while it’s still fresh in your mind!

Powerful Batch Screening for Capacity and Generosity

A batch screening uncovers the secret giving power of your current constituents, without the need to research them all individually. You’ll receive:

  • Capacity Range Based on Wealth
  • Annual Fund Likelihood
  • Major Gift Likelihood
  • Planned Giving Likelihood
  • …and more!

Information generated by the batch screen will automatically be added to existing constituent’s Generosity Profile, giving you an at-a-glance view of their capacity. The results are also influenced by the spouse’s data.

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