Add a Personal Touch With Our Bloomerang + Gratavid Integration


Now you can integrate Bloomerang and Gratavid directly! No third party is required, and it takes less than a few minutes to set up. Use the integration to automatically send Gratavids after each donation or create a Gratavid task to thank high-value gifts personally. Filter based on first-time givers, gift amount, campaign, and much more. The best part? Engagement data (i.e., video plays, replies, etc.) is automatically saved back in Bloomerang.

Research has shown over and over again that thanking your donors is one of the best ways to increase your donor retention, and a personalized thank you is the best way to communicate your gratitude.

Bloomerang + Gratavid integration

How does the Bloomerang + Gratavid integration work?

Create A Gratavid Task After A Bloomerang Donation

Once you have connected your Bloomerang database with Gratavid, anytime a new donation is recorded in Bloomerang, Gratavid will automatically create a task for you reminding you to personally thank your donor. From there it just takes a few seconds to record, personalize, and send your thank you video via email or text!

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Learn how our Bloomerang + Gratavid integration works.
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Add Gratavid Analytics Data To Your Bloomerang Database

Save Engagement Data Back In Bloomerang

Gratavid will also be able update your Bloomerang database to let you know when a donor has watched your Gratavid video. That means you will be able to track even more information in Bloomerang on how engaged your donors are with your organization as well as prioritize and segment your donor communications to be more efficient and effective.

Custom and personal donor thank you’s at your fingertips.

Using Bloomerang and Gratavid together will make it easy for you to know who to thank and when, and your donors will love the extra personal touch! 

Bloomerang + Gratavid integration

Bloomerang Gratavid integration

Gratavid Bloomerang integration

Bloomerang + Gratavid integration

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Want to automatically thank donors after each new donation and save engagement data back in Bloomerang?

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