Donor Management + Email Marketing

Your donor database is only as good as how well you can move your constituents to act on your behalf.

That’s why it makes so much sense to choose a solution that brings donor management and email marketing together under one roof.

With Bloomerang’s built-in email tool, you’ll never have to worry about manually importing data or troubleshooting an integration.

Not only can you build and deploy beautiful email content, but you can also give recipients the ability to customize what they receive from you based on their interests.

Increased insights and revenue are just a click away!

Email Features

Database Integration

With our built-in email tool, there’s no need to pay for an outside vendor like Constant Contact or MailChimp, or worry about getting your data from one to the other.

Constituent Interactions

The best part about having email marketing integrated into your donor database? Constituent email interactions will be automatically recorded on their timelines!

Email Scheduling

Email Scheduling

Schedule your emails for the date and time of your choosing, and easily see which emails are queued up. You’ll be notified when the scheduled email has been sent.

Starter Templates

Begin your masterpiece with one of our pre-loaded email templates, covering everything from newsletters to appeals to event invitations.


Our intuitive drag-and-drop email editor allows you to create eye-catching, mobile-responsive emails quickly and with ease.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Segment successive emails based on the constituent’s interaction with the previous email, such as whether or not they opened the previous email or made a donation.

Powerful Analytics

No more wondering if your emails are being delivered, opened and clicked. Dive into campaign-specific data that your colleagues are asking for, like who is opening emails but not donating.

Website Sign-Up Form

Website Sign-Up Forms

Add newsletter subscribers by easily creating unlimited dynamic sign-up forms that can be embedded on any page of your website.



Create rich email newsletters to keep your supporters up-do-date on what’s going on with your organization.



Assign specific emails to be automatically sent when a form is filled out and submitted by a constituent, such as after a donation or event registration.



Target specific segments of your database for personalized email appeals. Got an event coming up? Supplement your mail invitations or go digital-only by linking recipients directly to your online registration.



Want to send your formal thank you by email? Your email acknowledgements can look just as beautiful as anything you would send through the mail. Plus, they’re interactive!

Desktop Preview

Desktop Preview

Mobile Preview

Mobile Preview

Email Deliverability Insights

Bloomerang helps increase the chances of your emails getting to your constituents’ inboxes by automatically scanning email addresses for every constituent to validate their deliverability – at no additional cost – without any additional effort from you!

  • Accounts with bad email addresses are flagged on the profile, so you can easily see if updates need to be made.
  • Invalid addresses are skipped when using Bloomerang emailing tools, thereby improving your sending reputation.
  • Reports can pull in bad email addresses and bad email reasons all in one place

Improved email deliverability leads to greater open rates, and informed constituents leads to engagement!

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