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As a board member, it’s your job to ensure that the nonprofit you serve is performing at its highest level. A good donor management system is one of the cornerstones of any healthy nonprofit. You can rest assured that if your nonprofit chooses Bloomerang, not only will the fundraising staff have a powerful arrow in their quiver, but you yourself can participate in engaging and retaining the supporters your organization depends on.

Read on to see the unique ways that board members engage with the Bloomerang software.

Bloomerang iOS App: Access Your Donor Database from Anywhere

Everything you love about Bloomerang’s donor management software, now on your iPhone!

The Bloomerang iOS mobile app is a great way for board members (and staff) to check in on fundraising results, including campaign progress and your organization’s current donor retention rate.

Need to prep for a donor meeting on the fly? Bloomerang is perfect for the board member on the go (or at home). Just pull up Bloomerang on your smartphone browser to access your full database. There’s no need to wait until you’ve returned to the office from a donor meeting to enter any notes. Capture that info while it’s still fresh in your mind!

Whether it’s Giving Tuesday or just a normal Tuesday, Board members can be empowered to pull up the Activity Feed and see donations come in real-time, and click through to the donor profile’s contact info to send a thank you text or email, or even give them a quick phone call to say thanks.

Leaving Bloomerang was my biggest regret because the director and board constantly needed accurate updates and I remembered how easy it was to build and customize reports in Bloomerang. With Bloomerang we’re able to accurately report data to board and management, storing donor data in an efficient and simple way, so easy to use, chat customer service is impeccable.

bloomerang academy classesRochele Roura-Foster, Program Director of Development & Communication,



Steward New Donors Immediately

Did you know that a brand new donor who is called within the first 90 days of their gift is more likely to make a second gift, make that second gift sooner, and give more money than if they aren’t called at all?

That’s why we highlight brand new donors right on your mobile dashboard, and give you the ability to easily call them right from the app.

You can also assign the task of calling new donors to teammates and board members!

With Bloomerang we are able to provide our board members with segmented donor analytics. We have and increase in donors/donations. Our percentage of turning first time donors into annual donors has improved.

bloomerang academy classesKris Caponigro, Advancement Office Database Manager,

Charlotte Catholic High School


Unlimited Users = Unlimited Access

Your donor data shouldn’t reside in a black box that only one employee is the master of. And. we don’t believe you should be punished for having engaged staff members, volunteers, consultants or board members using the Bloomerang software.

That’s why all of our pricing plans come with unlimited users, as well as multiple levels of user permissions.

Two-Factor Authentication allows you to optionally add an additional layer of security to your database, while nightly database backups keep your data safe and secure.

With Bloomerang I’m able to be more donor-centric and track every interaction- not just gifts. I can track emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc. I can have my board members and other staff log in and track the same things. I’m also more aware of where I am against my goals. My old donor software didn’t show me these things!

bloomerang academy classesEmily Winchell McHugh, Director of Development,

The College Crusade of Rhode Island


Sustainability Scorecard – At-a-Glance Organizational Health Metrics

Today’s donor, whether they’re an individual, a foundation or a corporation, has never been more judicious about who they give their hard-earned dollars to.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits lack the organizational standards and metrics that funders demand of those they might consider supporting.

That’s why we’ve created the Sustainability Scorecard, a unique operational assessment and data analysis tool that will set you on the path towards organizational sustainability.

The scorecard gives leadership an at-a-glance view of organizational health, as well as automatically-updated visual reports that make creating board meeting slides a breeze!

There is very little that I dislike about Bloomerang or I wouldn’t advocate for it as strongly with organizations that I’m on the board of or who are struggling with management of donors. Both organizations I’m on the board of have limited budgets for CRMs. This solution doesn’t break the bank for the features it offers. Additionally, the virtue of this system is that every board member can log in and add notes or see at a glance how we are doing or obtain donor contact information. This is invaluable.

bloomerang academy classesCherian Koshy, Director of Development,

Des Moines Performing Arts


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