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Donate Securely Through Bloomerang

Hey there, thanks for checking out Bloomerang.

You may have seen Bloomerang on a nonprofit’s website, or on your bank statement. Bloomerang is a donor management software application used by tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada. The nonprofit that you are considering donating to, or have already donated to, is a Bloomerang customer.

What is Bloomerang? We’re a software company based in Indianapolis that makes web-based software primarily for nonprofits. We’ve been in business since 2012.

I was on a nonprofit’s website and saw Bloomerang mentioned. Why is that? Bloomerang also powers online giving forms and pages for nonprofits. Rest assured that if you donate your information will be safe and secure.

Why is there a charge from Bloomerang on my bank statement? It is likely that you donated to a nonprofit that uses Bloomerang to manage their donations (we are not a nonprofit; we are software that nonprofits use to manage donations). Sometimes bank statements can translate the data in different ways, and the name of the nonprofit doesn’t always appear on the charge.

Doesn’t ring a bell? You may have also registered for an event or purchased an item from a nonprofit that uses Bloomerang.

Can I get a receipt for the charges? The best way to get this would be to contact the nonprofit you donated to. It is likely that they are planning to send you a confirmation, acknowledgement, or receipt very soon.

How do I make changes to a recurring donation? If you reach out to the nonprofit you support, they will be able to make any changes to your recurring donation.

Thanks for being a donor!