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Why I Donated: Why I Made A $20 Donation Within One Minute Of Learning About Out Boulder County

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In this post, we talk to a donor who made a donation within one minute of learning about Out Boulder County

The Nonprofit: Out Boulder County 

The Donation: $20

What inspired you to make a donation to Out Boulder County?

One of my best friends texted me and said something like, “Are you able to make a donation to Out Boulder County today?” along with a link to a donation page. I stopped what I was doing, filled out the form, and made my donation. 

Were you familiar with the organization before donating?

His partner works for the organization so I had heard him mention it before. However, all I knew was that the organization supports the LGBTQ+ community in and around Boulder County. 

How did you decide on the amount you donated?

I can’t remember if my friend asked me to donate $20 or if he said something like “a small donation” when he texted, but it was either the direct ask or the fact that $20 fit my budget. 

When you make a donation, what do you expect to happen next? Why?

I want to receive a confirmation receipt immediately so I can file that away for tax purposes and for my own records. 

How did the nonprofit acknowledge the donation? How did you feel about that acknowledgement?

For example, if the receipt confirmation email arrived immediately, you might have felt confident that you gave to an organization that operates efficiently. If you received a welcome email series telling you more about the nonprofit, you might have grown more attached to the cause.

The organization sent me an email immediately that included a message thanking me for my support. I also received a call from one of their staff members on the day I made the donation, which stood out to me. That’s never happened before.

Do you intend to donate to the nonprofit again in the future?

I’m open to it! If I donate again, it’ll likely be because of a direct ask from a friend. 

What would inspire you to make another donation to the nonprofit? What would inspire you to increase your donation amount?

I would be inspired if there was a campaign where that one-time donation would go toward a specific need. The only thing that would keep me from donating again would be either the fact that I’m focusing on supporting causes I normally support or not feeling like I can afford to do so at that time.

Is there anything you’d like to add that would help the nonprofit better understand why you donated or that would make you feel more valued?

I think there’s so much value in having people share why they support your cause and making a direct ask. It was also very easy to go to the donation page, fill out the form, and make my donation. As far as making me feel valued, I think anything that expresses gratitude or shares how my donation impacts the mission would make me feel valued. It’s nice to hear from organizations after that initial acknowledgement email.

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