All of us at Bloomerang love our customers, and every so often a customer returns the sentiment.

Watch what Amy Bresslour of the Giddens School has to say about Bloomerang below:

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Full Transcript:

I love Bloomerang. I am probably their biggest fangirl. I talk to pretty much everyone I know about my brand new, awesome database, which is pretty nerdy. I recognize this. But it has transformed the way that I work. It’s saved me time. It’s saved me money. I’ve been able to figure out the right amounts to ask for incoming students by doing donor research. I’ve been able to run reports more effectively.

I think what sets Bloomerang apart, and there are lots of it, there are many different reasons. But I was recently asked this by a colleague who is considering transitioning their current database to Bloomerang. And the thing that’s really different is the level of customer service. I think it’s rare in our current day and age to be able to ask a question and know that, no matter what, you’re going to be greeted with a friendly face and someone who will help you find the answer to your question, no matter how stupid, how crazy, and how weird.

Because I probably pose five questions a week minimum to the Customer Service group, and they are always there for me. It takes seconds to be connected with someone, and they are beyond friendly. They know me now — GoHawks. They seem to understand my level of expertise, and they’re not just worried about answering my question. They’re worried about making sure that I understand the software so that I can do it myself next time, which I find so helpful and so comforting. They’ve been able to get in and look at mistakes that I’ve created and help me fix them. They’ve been able to help me look at problems or look at queries that I wanted to run, or reports that I wanted to run, and help me look at them in a completely different way than I ever have before, usually much more effectively and less challenging.

They’re just kind and helpful, and I can tell that they’re committed to providing the very best service and very best software that they possibly can. It has been an absolute joy to work with them.

I’ve made a lot of decisions over the past 18 months in my current position, and transitioning my database to Bloomerang is one of the very best decisions I’ve made.

Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White was an Existing Customer Advocate at Bloomerang.
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