When you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources, having a donor database that is powerful, yet easy to use is critical.

Claire Bailey, Development Manager at Young Actors Theatre, shares her thoughts on Bloomerang in the video below.

Full Transcript:

Young Actors Theatre is a theater for youth in the inner city of Indianapolis, where we instill creativity, confidence, and discipline in Indianapolis youth.

So we started looking at new donor management software about a year and a half ago. We had just received a matching gift and were kind of frustrated with the program we were using. We were bringing in a lot of new donors and having a lot of issues going into the system. Having multiple users in the system was just terrible.

We were looking for something a little bit more intuitive. The people that aren’t in the system every day, using it all the time, we needed those people to know how to input stuff. So we started to look for something new and found Bloomerang.

We chose Bloomerang, because it was such an intuitive system, and we also just liked the look of it. We’re a very design-focused nonprofit, and so we really liked how it looked and kind of how it was a little quirky and funny and made it fun to get into the system. You know?

Bloomerang is awesome, because it’s cloud-based so I can have my boss on the system at his home, and we can just all be in there at one time pulling out information. So that’s really useful.

They were very personable people to talk to. You didn’t mind getting a phone call from them. It’s clear that Bloomerang employees have nonprofit experience. They’re not just using the buzz words that a lot of donor database companies use. They actually know what they’re talking about and how to use the database to your advantage.

I would say, for me, what was unexpected was how much my team actually likes Bloomerang. So if they might not get in the system as often, they know that it’s there, so I can pull reports for them now super-easily. I was just kind of shocked that all these theater people are kind of like into like this information now.

About Young Actors Theatre:

Young Actors Theatre’s mission is to create theatrical opportunities to instill confidence, creativity and discipline in youth. Their goal is not to produce professional actors, but to produce successful members of society who have the skills necessary to achieve their dreams. Currently they annually serve approximately 1,300 youth participants, present a minimum of 20 productions and 65 performances, and are run by two full-time staff members, two part-time staff members, four contracted employees, and 50 volunteers.

Billy Ratthahao
Billy Ratthahao was formerly an Account Coordinator and Product Evangelist at Bloomerang. He previously served as the Mentoring Coordinator at Shepherd Community Center.