When you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources, having a donor database that is powerful, yet easy to use is critical.

Jennifer Coffey, Director of Support Services and Advancement at Partners In Housing, shares her thoughts on Bloomerang in the video below.

Full Transcript:

Partners in Housing provides permanent supportive housing for the city’s most vulnerable. That includes those that have experienced chronic homelessness, homelessness, and those that are at risk of being homeless.

We help them get back on their feet and help them with affordable housing and provide resource coordination to help them become self-sufficient and as stable as they possibly can.

Everything has improved since we’ve gone with Bloomerang in our fundraising department. The system we were using was cheaply made. It was cheap to begin with, so we were barely spending any money on it. In fact, I don’t think it was even in the budget. That’s how little it was. You get what you pay for. We were paying so little that there’s a reason why the system wasn’t updated. There’s a reason why we couldn’t pull any information out of it. So that’s where the decision came from. I immediately started looking for new options when I started to have to pull the reports.

Just the ease of being able to pull a report when I want it. I can pull a live one, I can pull a side one, and I don’t have to spend 100 hours to try and figure out how to actually pull that report, and the information is even in there. Bloomerang gave me a training, but I didn’t really need it. It was so intuitive.

One of the things that I enjoy so much about Bloomerang is the personal touch that they give all of their client interactions. I wouldn’t even say “a client,” because I feel like we’re friends. I’m friends with everyone at Bloomerang, because they are so open and available and personable.

I was able to suggest something. They heard me, they listened, and then they were able to put it into action. They’re releasing that change later this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that, because it’s going to change, again, it’s going to improve what I’m doing in the fundraising department one step more and create more efficiency and productivity.

Do your whole research and make a list of the things that you want, that you really need. Base it off of the things that you know are good about the system. We’ve made a great choice in choosing Bloomerang.

About Partners In Housing:

Partners In Housing identifies a property that has been abandoned and neglected, then puts together a plan to purchase the property, completely refurbish it, and re-open it as housing units for those most in need of stable housing, such as those that (a) have experienced homelessness (chronic or situational); (b) are actively at risk of homelessness due to a history of multiple challenges, such as extremely low income, minimal or no support network, chronic illness, disabilities, and other special needs; or (c) are vulnerable due solely to extremely low incomes even though they may have a support network and have no other significant risk factors. The agency then finds partnerships with other local agencies to create an array of social services that will support and strengthen those residents. Partners In Housing currently has 11 properties with 583 housing units, serving over 700 people every day.

Billy Ratthahao
Billy Ratthahao was formerly an Account Coordinator and Product Evangelist at Bloomerang. He previously served as the Mentoring Coordinator at Shepherd Community Center.