When you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources, having a donor database that is powerful, yet easy to use is critical.

Eric Howard, CEO at Outreach Indiana, shares his thoughts on Bloomerang in the video below.

Full Transcript:

Outreach is a ministry about equipping and empowering homeless teens and young adults to achieve stability and life transformation, and what that essentially looks like is we get the opportunity and the joy to be able to walk beside homeless young people through a myriad of services and programs.

So a lot of people talk about a fundraising, but I think we do a relationship raising of trying to authentically capture someone’s heart, and what makes their heart sing is where we want to align with.

We started the process of looking for a new donor database simply because what was out there wasn’t intuitive, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t user-friendly, or the modules that you needed were so expensive. So it was cost-prohibitive for a small not-for-profit to be able to do that in order to engage donors in a relational way.

Outreach uses the Bloomerang platform to really measure the engagement of an individual. So we’re able to see on that engagement meter where they are in their giving. We’re able to track that. We’re able to follow them. But really what it’s communicating is what’s making their heart sing. So we know when we send out a letter or a newsletter, what is their response. And so that’s a real nice feature for us to be able to see why they’re giving and how we can pursue that.

What I like best about Bloomerang is its usability. You log in, you track, you punch in someone’s name, and it’s all right there. You don’t really have to hunt and peck to find something. The reports are really intuitive, so you can find them, and you can get the information that you need relatively quickly.

As I’ve talked to peers in the not-for-profit community, the advice I’d give them into looking at a donor management system is to explore. Compare. See what you’re getting. Go in and actually test it. See how usable it is for you, how intuitive it is for you to be able to generate what you’re trying to. How easy it is to enter someone’s information, and can numerous people be able to use it? Are you getting the information that you need relatively quickly?

About Outreach Indiana

Outreach is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, that reaches out to homeless young men and women (14-24) with the compassion of Jesus Christ. Their goal is to equip and empower these at-risk young people to achieve stability and life transformation.

Billy Ratthahao
Billy Ratthahao was formerly an Account Coordinator and Product Evangelist at Bloomerang. He previously served as the Mentoring Coordinator at Shepherd Community Center.