New nonprofits face a lot of challenges: strategy, infrastructure, hiring and, of course, fundraising. Choosing a new database isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, but it’s definitely an important one.

Jean Goins, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the AMAC Foundation and new Bloomerang user, shares her thoughts on Bloomerang below.

Full Transcript:

My name is Jean Goins and I am the Executive Assistant to the executive director of the AMAC Foundation. The AMAC Foundation mission is primarily education for older Americans. We give them information on topics such as medicare, social security, so they can make informed decisions themselves.

AMAC Foundation is a new foundation. We have not, to this point, done extensive fund raising. We actually just had our first fund raiser this summer, which was the big bass fishing tournament here in Florida and it was very successful and we were able to make some good contacts within the community.

Being a new foundation, we knew it was necessary to have a donor database. The Executive Director here did some research on what would fit our needs the best and he came across Bloomerang and gave me the name and I did some research and contacted the company.

What I like most about Bloomerang is it is very user friendly. I didn’t have to take extensive training classes, sit in webinars, that type of thing. It’s very user friendly. And I must say that their customer service is excellent. I would definitely recommend Bloomerang. When we started importing information from different databases, they were right there beside me to walk me through it.

About the AMAC Foundation:

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC, Inc.) is a membership based organization serving as the voice of Americans 50 years and older. Founded in 2007, AMAC is headquartered in Bohemia, New York, with a major operational location in Lady Lake, Florida. With over a million members, AMAC has become a substantial voice in support of its membership.

As stressed on AMAC’s website, the organization is membership driven, with a variety of initiatives designed to keep America strong and to achieve a better life for current and future generations of this country. One of these initiatives has resulted in the formation of the AMAC Foundation. This Foundation has been officially registered in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and is well along the way to fruition at this point.

To guide the AMAC Foundation during its formative stages, the organization has determined its prime directive—the precept that will help set the groundwork for the future—to be:

Assisting older Americans to understand the available options to make appropriate decisions that affect their social, health, and economic lives

With this Vision in place, the Foundation’s organizers are poised to be of assistance to the many Americans needing help navigating the complexities of the Social Security system, and to offer guidance and counsel as they face the decisions critical to their lives. In fact, this service to America’s mature citizens has already begun, with the operation of the Social Security Report website and the identification of a Certified Social Security Report Advisor on the initial Foundation staff, and plans are rapidly falling into place for additional services.

Billy Ratthahao
Billy Ratthahao was formerly an Account Coordinator and Product Evangelist at Bloomerang. He previously served as the Mentoring Coordinator at Shepherd Community Center.