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We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of February.

Part I: Donor Stewardship. What Happened After Making A Contribution – “Donor stewardship is what happens in the relationship-building activity. Here is an example about what happened after making a contribution.”

Get Ready to Show Some #DonorLove – “When was the last time you thanked your donors? Even if you are one of the few organizations who did a good job of thanking their donors, gratitude is not a one-time deal.”

6 Things You Can Do to Close the Gender Gap in the Nonprofit Sector – “It’s hard to believe that in 2019 we are still talking about closing the gender gap, but we are, and we must continue to talk about it until it’s closed for good.”

12 Ways to Inspire and Delight Your Donors…With Examples! – “How are you building those lifetime relationships that lead to monthly giving, major gifts, and legacy gifts?”

Can we stop assuming that people with corporate or academic backgrounds can run nonprofits and foundations better than nonprofit folks? – “The problem is the default assumption that people with for-profit or academic backgrounds are somehow better leaders in general, even in fields where they have no experience or knowledge.”

Expert Donor Loyalty Advice from Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE:

Strategies to Ensure Nonprofit Donors Don’t Leave

It’s important to understand why donors leave, and why they stay. Here are some strategies to help ensure your nonprofit donors don’t leave.
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How to Rock Valentine’s Day to Build Donor Loyalty

In this article I’m going to count out eight fun valentines you can deliver to show your supporters the love and build donor loyalty.
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8 Actionable Nonprofit Social Media Tactics

You need a strategic social media plan to which you devote real resources. What nonprofit social media tactics can you employ to stand out?
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Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Second Gift Strategy

Never settle for a one-time gift. Always have a dynamite second gift strategy in place to watch that second gift turn into a third, fourth, and fifth gift.
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New from the experts at Bloomerang:

[FREE WEBINAR] Getting Ready for Digital Fundraising: Building a Foundation for Success

Danielle Johnson Vermenton, CFRE will provide practical advice and leave you with a list of action steps that you can implement to prepare your organization for a successful digital fundraising program.
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[INFOGRAPHIC] State of the Nonprofit Workplace 2019

Bloomerang recently surveyed 1,093 nonprofit employees to find out which workplace and employee benefits mattered most. Here is what they reported.
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[NEWS] Bloomerang Named To 2019 “Best Places to Work in Indiana” List

Bloomerang has been honored as one of the 125 best places to work in the state of Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.
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21 Ways to Shower Your Donors with Love

Here are 21 ways you can shower your donors with love on Valentine’s Day — and every day.
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Keep Monthly Donors Longer With These 6 Engagement Tips

Here are just a few ways you can engage, involve, and keep your monthly donors by making them part of your continued giving strategy.
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Cody Lawson

Cody Lawson

Product Manager at Bloomerang
Cody is a Product Manager at Bloomerang. Cody holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Rhetoric from Wabash College. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree with a concentration in Health Law from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis. He's been a valued member of Bloomerang since the doors opened in 2012.