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Super Bowl of Fundraising!

So… the two teams that will play in the Super Bowl are set!  I am a bit bi-polar as I live in Indianapolis so I am a huge Colts fan!  However, I lived in Massachusetts for 8 years so I am also a big Patriots fan as well – which is not easy task living in Indianapolis (let’s just say the teams are not friendly!).  I wore my Patriots hoodie to my church on Sunday and was booed!

Super BowlMy family had a great time Sunday night enjoying a cook-out (15 degrees!) and drinks as we cheered on the Patriots only to be disappointed – there is always next year.  Fun times regardless as we enjoyed friends, food, and laughs.

So, the biggest NFL game is two weeks away!  What if there was a Super Bowl of Fundraising?  What if you had two weeks to prepare for the biggest day in your nonprofits history?  What if your organization was preparing to be in the spot light for the world to see?  Would you shine?  Would you ‘win’ by being prepared and practiced?

What are some areas that a nonprofit would need to have ready if you advanced to the Super Bowl of Fundraising?  How about a few of these ideas:

1.      Donor Engagement – Donors that would step up and provide the passion and effort to ‘win’ the game!
2.     Donor Retention – Donors that return and continue to give and support your mission year after year!
3.     Donor Communication – Making sure your ‘team’ is informed and ready to meet the need!
4.     Donor Acquisition – Recruiting new donors to your mission and the great things you are doing to keep the roster fresh and new!
5.     Donor Connection – Meeting your donors where they are and having a strategy that will make them feel connected to your organization:  email, social media, mobile, video, etc.
6.     Donor Involvement – making sure you donors are involved and working with you to fulfill your mission!  Having that great team comradely!
7.     Focused Staff – Your staff focusing on what is most important and will bring the biggest ROI in your fundraising efforts!
8.     Committed Coaching Staff – Your board is ‘on-board’ and making sure you have the resources needed to compete!
9.     Cheerleaders – those positive volunteers that can give you the encouragement to continue on!
10.  Tools and Equipment – having access to the best tools and equipment in order to meet the challenge!

The last one is where I hope you will give Bloomerang a look!  Because with a great tool like Bloomerang, the other 9 on the list can be accomplished with greater ease and efficiency.  Check out our webinar schedule at:

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