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Stay Together - How to Encourage a Lifetime of Donor Loyalty

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Every nonprofit wants donors to stay. To stick around. Collecting donations is not your only goal. It is a means to something much bigger. You want to make something significant happen for the underlying mission of your organization. Together, with your loyal donors, you know you can change your corner of the world.

If you struggle with creating donor relationships that last, my new book Stay Together – How to Encourage a Lifetime of Donor Loyalty is for you!

This book is packed with everything I have learned over nearly 40 years in the nonprofit sector, from tens-of-thousands of database installations to chairing capital campaigns to being a major donor myself.

One of the best and most dedicated in our field, Jay Love has always been at the forefront of what’s happening with donor retention and engagement. Jay takes best practices, experience, and research together for pure fundraising inspiration.
– Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Jay is one of the few fundraising pioneers who, decade after decade, keeps on breaking new ground. From this veteran who brought us eTapestry two decades ago, and the marvelous CRM named Bloomerang today, comes this marvelous collection titled Stay Together. No one has put into practice and into usable inexpensive tools an understanding of donor retention and engagement more than Jay Love. Now he is making those insights available to everyone in Stay Together. Read it. Put it to work. Today.
– Roger Craver

We self-published this book to make it as accessible as possible to fundraisers of all shapes and sizes!

You can download a digital copy of the book here >>

You can purchase the Kindle version here >>

What’s inside:

It’s a Relationship
Defining donor retention
Let’s do the math
Next? Gift retention
Reap donor retention bonuses

Why Don’t They Stay?
Why some donors stop giving
An examination of donor attrition
Minimizing donor attrition

Measure, Analyze and Strategize
Developing a donor retention plan
Build the 3 legs of donor engagement
15 engagement signals you may be missing

Communicate Better
The ultimate key to donor retention
Essentials of donor communications
The power of saying “Thank You”

Nurture Your Organization’s Culture
Start to pivot
8 steps to amazing company culture
Make some bold moves
Get your entire team on board

Get Closer to Major Donors
Expand your major gift donor base
Legacy giving: An effective relationship builder

The Data Management Connection
Use software for a smooth operation
Hit your goals with nonprofit CRM
Dismantle these fundraising software myths
Analyze your decision-making process

Tap Into Your Greatest Asset
Power up your donor database
The difference clean data makes
Turn donor data into actionable data

Be sure to look for me at an upcoming fundraising conference – I’ll be sure to bring a few paperback copies as well!

Learn How To Thank, Engage, and Retain Your Online Donors.

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