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Springtime Is Decision-Making Time For Many Nonprofits

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All of us here at Bloomerang are excited about this time of year. It is not just because we finally see and feel the warmth of the sun in Indiana, but it is such an active decision-making time for so many nonprofits with regards to CRM/database systems. This stems from two key reasons:

  1. A large percentage of NPO’s work off of a fiscal year which ends in the next month or two thereby creating a new budget year immediately following.
  2. The summer months are an ideal time to be involved with a data conversion. The fundraising activities usually slow down a bit as well as special events. We find the next few months to be primed for change accompanied by consolidation, cleansing and scrubbing of data in fundraising databases.

We stand ready to help make such change happen. It is like a good closet cleaning and sprucing up. Life just seems more pleasant afterwards and you keep asking yourself why it was not done sooner!

Dr. Adrian Sargent’s Monthly Donor Retention Tip:

“Stop talking about yourself. How many times does the pronoun ‘we’ appear in your communications? Donor Centric communications give the donor the credit for your achievements. Tell the donor what their support has achieved – NOT what your organization has achieved.”

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