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Roundup: Impact of Trump's Election on Nonprofit Sector


Now that the dust has settled on an unprecedented presidential campaign, many nonprofits are anxious to discover what potential impact Trump’s election will have on their work and the sector as a whole.

Here are a few predictions from leading sector publications:

Philanthropy in the Age of Trump: Six Predictions

David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy predicts that while government support for nonprofits may decline, the public’s will increase (for both left and right-leaning organizations).

Trump Win Might Push More Onto State NPOs

Several interviews by Mark Hrywna, writing for The NonProfit Times, Mark Hrywna outlines how the House of Representatives and the Senate will shape nonprofit and foundation work over the next few years.

4 Things Nonprofits Must Do the Day after a Trump Victory

The Editors of Nonprofit Quarterly have four general thoughts about what nonprofits should do sooner rather than later.

Trump’s White House Victory Could Spell Money Woes for Charities

Trump’s tax policy is the central focus of this article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Megan O’Neil and Timothy Sandoval.

Have you found any interesting predictions based on the outcome of the election? Share them with us in the comments below!

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