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Passion Is The Key To Donor Retention

What does a grandma with 16 grand kids, a homeless shelter, and fundraising have in common? True passion!

Over the last two weeks, one group being led by an amazing person has been an inspiration to me. I have been talking with a dedicated hardworking lady that leads a homeless shelter just north of a very large city in the Midwest. Of course, she has seen it all: the true plight of the homeless and what they face, money being cut from state and federal governments, grants becoming more and more competitive, the service she provides becoming more and more needed! Resources are stretched to the max!

As I talk with this amazing women, I don’t hear despair or frustration, I hear TRUE PASSION about pressing on to meet a true need with the resources that are available to her! I am inspired to help. She turns to increasing her fundraising efforts to fill some of the financial gaps she is facing. Using a very hard to use database system and PAPER she tells me, we talk about how Bloomerang can help her build stronger relationships with her donors to increase her RETENTION! We talk about being able to easily target the appropriate donors in her database to UPGRADE their giving this coming year! I can almost hear the smile on her face as I show how Bloomerang can help show how ENGAGED her donors are to her organization and her mission!

Times like these are what make what I do worthwhile. This wonderful Grandma is in the trenches meeting needs on limited resources and doing it willingly and whole heartedly. I find myself only wanting to help, and with Bloomerang I think I can.

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