20 Answers That Will Change Your Charity’s Donor Communications Forever

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Tom Ahern, a dear friend and Bloomerang’s Communications Coach recently released a free downloadable eBook that can literally change your charity’s donor communications forever. More importantly, for many nonprofit organizations the level of funding for your mission could be increased significantly based upon the knowledge gained and the best practices [...]

[VIDEO] Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Matching Gifts

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In this webinar, Hannah Silvers gives a crash course in corporate matching gifts that will include breakdowns of the matching gift process, an overview of popular corporate matching gift programs, and techniques for marketing matching gifts to donors, all with real examples from nonprofits. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Hannah. [...]

7 Ways That Surveying Donors Empowers Fundraisers

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There’s no shortage of things the experts say fundraisers should be doing: handwritten notes, donor visits, thank you phone calls, bequest marketing; the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming when you’re bogged down planning an event that your leadership team insists on, or when you’re simply trying [...]

The Nonprofit Wrap-Up – August 2018

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We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of August. Creating a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter: A Makeover! – “Creating donor-centered appeal letters is hard to get right. It’s not very intuitive. It doesn’t come naturally. So take a look [...]

[VIDEO] How To Avoid Role Confusion at Your Nonprofit

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In this webinar, Kent Stroman will bring real life insights and practical tools to equip CEOs, Board members, and staff alike to move their charity forward collaboratively. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Kent, I got 1:00 on the dot here in Eastern Time zone. Is it okay if I go [...]

How Surveys Can Help Fundraisers Uncover the 4 Main Drivers of Donor Loyalty

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What is it that drives donor loyalty? What are the determinants of longer term value? These are questions we’re often asked at Bloomerang and we’ve been working to develop measures that all our clients can use to track how well they are doing at bolstering future donor retention. We know [...]

[NEW FEATURE] Donor Engagement Surveys

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Are you ready to find out how your donors feel about you? World-renowned donor retention expert, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, tells us that intelligently crafted customer (donor) surveys can help organizations measure satisfaction, trust, commitment, and intimacy among their donors. Why does this matter? If your organization isn’t perceived as being [...]

NOW Is The Time To Prepare For Your Year-End Appeal Acknowledgement Process

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As Labor Day approaches in the United States, you will read about and be invited to many webinars helping you and your fundraising team prepare your year-end appeals. In addition, there will just as much stating you need to prepare for your Giving Tuesday appeal(s). However, very seldom (if ever) [...]