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Bloomerang + Kindful: Better Together

By |2021-01-07T18:17:29-05:00January 7th, 2021|Life At Bloomerang|

Today, I’m excited to announce that Bloomerang has taken a significant step in our goal of providing best-in-class nonprofit technology based on fundraising knowledge to even more organizations with the acquisition of Kindful. Since the founding of Bloomerang, we’ve sought to bring solutions to fundraisers that help them spend more [...]

Nonprofits – Are You Really Restricting Your Restricted Funds?

By |2021-01-05T09:55:56-05:00January 7th, 2021|Gift acceptance, Nonprofit Finance|

Nonprofit accounting standards dictate that nonprofits must treat the gifts and donations they receive in specific ways. This includes making special accounting provisions for funds with donor restrictions and funds without donor restrictions.  However, due to the difficulty involved in complying with these accounting standards, nonprofits are understandably less than [...]

Simple Tips to Ask for Major Gifts

By |2020-12-07T12:10:54-05:00January 6th, 2021|Donor Cultivation, Major Gifts|

At some point in your nonprofit career, you may have heard about a multimillion-dollar gift being given to a charity and thought, “5 million dollars? What a generous gift!” Maybe from where you sat it looked effortless like a big gift fell out of the sky into the fundraiser’s lap [...]

How Do Charitable Gifts of Retirement Account Assets Typically Work?

By |2021-01-05T08:53:39-05:00January 5th, 2021|Bequests, Gift acceptance, Legacy Gifts, Nonprofit Sustainability|

When discussing legacy gifts, most assume the conversation is around bequests. Time and time again, surveys have shown that gifts given via a will are the most common planned gift vehicle.  While nonprofits should absolutely be prepared to accept bequests from donors, professionals in these organizations should also be aware [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for the Charitable Sector – A Call to Action

By |2020-12-31T14:47:42-05:00January 1st, 2021|Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Nonprofit Sector|

I’m not normally a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They unnecessarily pressure people and create unrealistic goals. For the last 40 years I have avoided setting New Year’s resolutions for myself but after the dumpster-fire that was 2020 I’m compelled to make a resolution – to become a bigger and [...]

5 Ways to Convert More Online Donations

By |2021-01-10T09:16:37-05:00December 30th, 2020|Mobile, Online Giving|

More donors are giving online donations than ever before. Were direct mail efforts hampered by the pandemic? Yes, but throughout this crisis smart fundraisers have been launching highly effective email appeals. We are still recording giving and anticipate the upswing to continue. Next year when the reports come out totaling [...]

Too Much Teamwork: Is Collaboration Burning Out Your Nonprofit Team?

By |2020-12-16T16:47:03-05:00December 29th, 2020|Nonprofit Culture, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Sector|

Teamwork is all the rage right now. It's often touted as an organizational value, a key to productivity, and a criterion used to hire, reward, and promote. But there's an unpleasant and unproductive flipside to collaboration that deserves discussion. In short, too much teamwork might be burning out your best [...]

A Holiday Movie Lesson for Nonprofits

By |2020-12-23T08:46:54-05:00December 25th, 2020|Nonprofit Sector|

One of the movies my family watched every year at Christmas growing up was Miracle on 34th Street. If you aren’t familiar with the film, it centers around a new gentleman, Kris Kringle, taking on the job of mall Santa at Macy’s one Christmas season. He claims to be the [...]

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