Donor-Centered Digital Communications: How Do You Tailor the Nonprofit Experience?

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If you’re not actively engaging with folks online in today’s digitally-revolutionized zeitgeist, you’re missing a huge opportunity. One of the best ways to engage with folks online is through content marketing.   In Part 1 of this three-part series we looked at how you can create a value-for-value exchange with [...]

[VIDEO] Don’t Waste Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report

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In this webinar, Mary Cahalane will talk about how to make your annual report show your organization’s great work, demonstrate your effectiveness, thank and credit your donors… and raise money! Full Transcript: Steven:All right, Mary, my watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and get us [...]

26 Questions Every Nonprofit Should Ask Their Crowdfunding Provider

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Crowdfunding is a bold, new and sometimes surprising, if not dangerous, world when it comes to donor relations, fees, receiving funds and other aspects of the process. Few fundraisers who have embraced it knew exactly what they were getting into when utilizing a crowdfunding provider. The 26 questions listed below [...]

8 Over-Looked Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database, Just Waiting to Give More

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There's little argument that long-term, loyal donors are your best prospects for things like major gifts and planned gifts. Monthly donors, active volunteers, current and former service recipients, and the securely retired (especially the childless and empty-nesters) are also great prospects. But who else might be lurking in your donor [...]

[VIDEO] 5 Key Metrics for Building a Pipeline of Major Donors

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In this webinar, Terry Axelrod outlines Benevon’s metrics-based, high-touch process for building a pipeline of mission-focused major donors who will, in turn, introduce others. Full Transcript Steven: All right, Terry. My watch just struck 1:00 on the dot. Is it okay if I go ahead and get us started officially? [...]

[NEW FEATURE] BCC to Bloomerang

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We all know how important it is to track and record every interaction with a current or prospective donor. If you're communicating to someone one-on-one through your personal email (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) it can be a pain to copy/paste that conversation into your database (and a real shame if it [...]