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Bloomerang Gives Back in 2021

By |2021-12-29T12:20:56-05:00December 23rd, 2021|Life At Bloomerang|

One of our core values at Bloomerang is Stewardship. We are committed to being a multiplier of good with the funds entrusted to us by nonprofits and their donors. So this year, instead of spending money on a holiday party or fruit baskets for ourselves, we have chosen to give $25,000 [...]

[ASK AN EXPERT] Will Grant Funders Give To You If You Have Too Much Individual Funding?

By |2021-12-10T13:06:17-05:00December 17th, 2021|Ask An Expert, Grants|

Our Ask An Expert series features real questions answered by Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, our very own Fundraising Coach, also known as Charity Clairity. Today's question comes from a Director of Development who wants advice on what to do when the board thinks their individual fundraising success will depress grants. [...]

7 Reasons To Try A Virtual Nonprofit Focus Group

By |2021-12-10T15:42:25-05:00December 15th, 2021|Data, Nonprofit Management|

Ease of organization, larger participant pools and technological advances have helped the virtual nonprofit focus group overtake its traditional format. It may lack the coffee and cookies, but it has many other reasons to dominate the field of supporter feedback. Here are 7 reasons to try a virtual nonprofit focus [...]

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