Calling all nonprofit warriors: are you constantly asking yourselves how you can do more, in less time, for less money? Are you wearing at least two or three hats, with a to-do list that’s a mile long (and it never seems to get shorter)?

Well, for those of you wearing the email marketing or communications management crowns (by the way, I prefer to think of your hats as crowns, for you all should be treated like royalty for the work you do), Bloomerang has good news for you!

You can design, schedule, and track the success of your email campaigns using Bloomerang, and only Bloomerang. You read it correctly, no third-party integrations required.

Here are two ways Bloomerang’s email scheduling tools can save you time and increase your email marketing success:

Create monthly marketing emails (like an email newsletter) to share stories and outcomes with your constituents.

1. Design an email newsletter template you will reuse each month.

2. Add the content for the next time your email newsletter will be sent; be sure to include new stories and outcomes to keep your constituents engaged.

3. Schedule the email for the date and time of your choosing. Bloomerang will notify you when the scheduled email is sent.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 each time you want to send a new version of the email newsletter.

5. The responses (bounces, opens, clicks, etc.) for each constituent are captured on the constituent’s timeline in Bloomerang.

Create a drip campaign for your next appeal.

1. Design and schedule the first email for your appeal.

To create a truly personalized experience for the constituent, create several versions of Email 1 (one for recent donors, one for lapsed donors, etc.)

2. Create a personalized experience by segmenting successive emails based on the constituent’s response to the previous email. Did they open the last email? Did they make a donation?

Copy the template and modify the content and filters for each segmented group of constituents. For example, constituents who made a donation after receiving Email 1 should receive a different Email 2 than the constituents who didn’t even open Email 1.

Make sense?

3. Repeat for however many emails you intend to include in the series.

These are just a couple examples of how Bloomerang’s email marketing tools can save you time and money. Get your emails designed, scheduled, and out of the way so you can tackle more items on that to-do list!

Jessica Hartnagle

Jessica Hartnagle

VP of Product Management at Bloomerang
Jessica Hartnagle is the VP of Product Management at Bloomerang. She has over 15 years of experience consulting and implementing nonprofit donor CRM systems.