Happy Friday – We have a new feature for you today! You can now change the account type on a constituent to make an Individual into an Organization, or vice versa.

You can access the Change Type option on the Profile page.

Change Type Option

(We’ve also added links in this menu for the Merge and Delete options!)


After choosing Change Type, you can adjust the name information for the record as needed.

Change Type to Individual

When you click OK, the record is converted to the new account type.


We’ve also added in a new briefcase icon to help differentiate Organizations from Individuals.

Organization Icon

This icon appears on the Search page and in the account header.


We hope you like this update – please let us know if you have questions or want to suggest a new feature!

Melissa Signorelli
Melissa Signorelli is a Co-Founder of Bloomerang.
Melissa Signorelli

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