How do you teach your kids to care for others? How can you show them what it truly means to help someone less fortunate that you? When society tells them it is all about their wants and desires, how can you show them that giving to someone else is a reward all in its own?

ShelterTeach to Give

Before we moved to Indianapolis, my family lived in Northern Indiana. My two boys were 6 and 4 years of age and at Christmas time it was all about what they were going to get as presents! It is a truly magical time of year as I loved to see the excitement on my children around the holidays.

My wife is always way ahead of me on seeing a need and wanting to teach our boys on meeting that need! Our city had a large homeless shelter and she came up with a wonderful idea of having our boys spend their own money to purchase a gift for a child that was at the homeless shelter. As you can imagine, my boys were a bit reluctant to part with their own money, especially buying a gift for someone they didn’t even know. But, they soon jumped into the spirit of giving and were willing to spend a lot of money, (to them!) on a ‘perfect’ gift!

Joy of Giving

After the gifts were purchased, we were able to schedule a time to go through the shelter and meet some incredible people! My boys were a bit bashful at first, but soon realized the homeless were no different than they were! They couldn’t WAIT to give their gifts away to the children! As a parent, it is truly awesome to see a spirit of giving in your kids! It was also awesome to see the joy and smiles our gifts caused when they were received!

Learn to Give

I work with nonprofits on a day to day basis! It is rewarding and challenging all at the same time! But no matter what, I love to see the great work they do! And even more, I love to see the men my boys are becoming because they are still learning to give!

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Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins was VP of Sales at Bloomerang. A graduate of Hyles-Anderson College, Wayne has over 15 years experience in nonprofit and faith-based development and fundraising in addition to his 10 years of experience in sales.