If you follow us on social media or have logged into Bloomerang recently, you may have noticed a new face.

Please allow us to formally introduce you to Blossom the Orangutan!

Users will primarily see her in the app as a sort of Bloomerang concierge, directing you to helpful resources based on your activity in Bloomerang. For example, if she notices you’re building your first report, she might direct you to a beginner’s webinar on reporting:

Blossom in app

There are a lot of reasons why we chose an orangutan as our corporate mascot (if you ever want to see a 20-page slide-deck and get your ear talked off, just ask Steven Shattuck about it) but here are some highlights:

  • orangutans are highly intelligent
  • Indianapolis (our home base) has a world-class orangutan exhibit
  • we couldn’t pass up the “ang” sound found in both Bloomerang and Orangutan
  • orangutans are the only animal (other than humans) known to practice “calculated reciprocity” – in short, they track the gifts they give to and receive from other orangutans!

We couldn’t find another animal that better encapsulates our core values.

If you see Bloomerang at an event, be sure that grab some Blossom swag!

Diana Otero

Diana Otero

Learning Experience Manager at Bloomerang
Diana Otero is the Learning Experience Manager at Bloomerang. She was a former Board Member, Trail Maintainer, and Hike Leader for Nantahala Hiking Club, one of the 31 trail-maintaining clubs of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. She also spent several years as an Adult Leader (2007) and International Staff (2011) for CISV International. Diana puts her varied background and experience to good use by continually updating and creating training and help articles, FAQs, and videos to assist customers in maximizing their day-to-day use in Bloomerang.