Philanthropy is one of our core values. That’s why our employees are encouraged to volunteer on company time, and why we’ve donated one-third of our office space to a new nonprofit co-working space. We’re all about giving back.

That’s why we’re very excited to introduce Bloomerang Lite™, a new version of our product that is ideal for small and emerging nonprofits.

What is Bloomerang Lite™?

Bloomerang Lite™ is a version of Bloomerang that is available, at no cost, to organizations who have an annual revenue of $100,000 or less, and who have no more than 500 constituent records. All of our core features are included, except for our email tool. You still get unlimited users, access to our Support team via email or live chat, and access to Bloomerang Academy.

Why are you doing this?

We want as many nonprofits using Bloomerang as possible. While we’ve always touted that Bloomerang’s pricing is all-inclusive while eschewing costly add-ons and modules, we’re going to make an exception for nonprofit organizations who are just getting their start.

Building authentic donor relationships is perhaps most critical for new nonprofits. Unfortunately, those organizations are most-often priced out of dedicated fundraising software. We aim to remedy that.

You’ve been vocal about the dangers of “free fundraising software” in the past. Why the change of heart?

It’s important to draw a distinction between Bloomerang Lite and the kinds of “free fundraising software” we find problematic.

We hate to see when fundraisers use spreadsheets or a free email provider as a database, because they aren’t a great solution and certainly aren’t databases. Sure, the nonprofit might save some money, but they’ll likely have a harder time tracking actionable donor data.

And when other products, like a business sales CRM or a membership database have a “free version” for nonprofits or a “free module” for fundraisers, that’s also problematic. It’s the equivalent of receiving a free puppy – it’s not uncommon for custom implementation and training costs to exceed what an organization would have paid for a dedicated donor database.

What about your customers who paid full price, but qualify for Bloomerang Lite?

If you purchased Bloomerang in the last 12 months, have an annual revenue of $100,000 or less and less than 500 records, we are happy to issue a refund or a credit for other services for any remaining time on your contract after 1/19/2016.

How can I get started?

Just visit to sign up! After we’ve verified some information about you, you’ll be up and running with your new donor database!

And if you know anyone who should take advantage of Bloomerang Lite™, please let them know!

Ross Hendrickson

Ross Hendrickson

Co-Founder and CEO at Bloomerang
Ross Hendrickson is a co-founder and the CEO of Bloomerang. Prior to co-founding Bloomerang, he served as Product Manager for Bostech Corporation and later Avectra. Ross serves on the Horizon Council, the young professionals leadership council of the Indianapolis-based nonprofit Conner Prairie. He graduated with a B.S. in Economics & Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University.