We’re excited to share that the beta of Kindful Fundraising is now available to Bloomerang users! You’ll have the best fundraising tools on one platform, which creates a seamless giving experience for your donors. And as you know, the easier it is for them to give, the more money you’ll raise for your cause.

With Kindful Fundraising, you have access to a whole suite of beautiful, easy-to-use, and effective fundraising tools, right from your Bloomerang database. 

Online Giving Pages 

Create mobile-friendly landing pages where your supporters can make donations to your cause. Set up your main donation landing page, so donors can choose to give to any of your active campaigns. Customize the imagery, giving amounts, frequency, appeal text, and branding to tell your organization’s story best. Collect up to 3 custom fields to get to know your donors better and keep the donation page optimized for donor ease.

  • Create customizable, campaign-specific landing pages to optimize for impact, including the ability to create recurring-only giving pages to promote your monthly giving program. You can even configure automated email receipts for one-time and recurring gifts to more effectively thank your donors.
  • Add a goal thermometer to any of your campaign pages to show progress toward your goals and incentivize your donors to give.
  • Acquire more donors with fewer clicks. Each donation page offers Express Pay options, so donors can checkout as seamlessly as possible.

Pop-up Donation Button 

Every page of your website can be a donation page! Create a frictionless giving experience with a pop-up donation option right on your website.

  • Increase donor trust and conversion by allowing donors to give right on your website.
  • Tailor the button colors and giving amounts to your organization’s preferences, without any custom styling necessary.
  • Allow donors to cover transaction fees so your organization keeps more of the donation.

Peer-to-Peer Giving

Turn your supporters into fundraisers with the peer-to-peer giving tool.  

  • Provide an easy way for your board members, volunteers, and other members of your community to fundraise on your behalf.
  • Fundraisers can customize their fundraising pages and messaging to better connect with their networks.
  • Each peer-to-peer giving page makes it easy for supporters to share to social media, garnering a larger reach for your organization’s cause.

Kindful Fundraising

Event Management

Create event landing pages, sell tickets, check in attendees, and gather donations for special events. Every event is unique. That’s why Kindful’s online event landing pages are customizable to meet the needs of your nonprofit or fundraising event. Whether you need to add multiple ticket types or want to include images that promote your brand or cause, you’ve got the freedom and flexibility to do so. Do you host free events, too? Kindful Fundraising has you covered with free ticket types.

Donor Portal

Provide your donors with a way to access their own information and update it as needed. Donors can update their contact information, manage recurring gifts, and donate with saved payment methods.

Manage Your Constituent Data in One Centralized Database

Constituent and transaction data from Kindful Fundraising will flow seamlessly into your Bloomerang database, making it easy to engage and build deeper relationships with your donors.

Payout and Fee Reconciliation Made Easy

Kindful Fundraising is powered by Bloomerang Payments, so you can easily accept credit card and ACH payments on all Kindful donation forms, receive payouts on a 2-day rolling basis, and have access to easy reconciliation reporting in your Bloomerang database—including showing fees broken out at the transaction level. 

Get in touch with our team to get started with Kindful Fundraising add-on today!

Melanie Helgeson

Melanie Helgeson

Product Manger at Bloomerang
Melanie has been the Product Manager at Kindful (and now Bloomerang) for the past 2 years. She enjoys blending her love of design and software development, and is committed to visually communicating ideas that affirm the dignity and value of all people.
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