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How Would Your Nonprofit Use Google Glass?

Google Glass

From now until May 20, 2014, Google is giving away five pairs of Google Glass – their wearable computer headset – as well as a $25,000 nonprofit grant, a trip to Google for training, and access to developers to five nonprofit organizations who can best answer two questions:

  1. Google Glass“How would you use Glass to amplify your organization’s impact in the world in the next six (6) months?”
  2. “How can Glass uniquely address any programmatic goals, challenges or opportunities?”

The hands free computer allows wearers to snap photos, record videos and perform other routine tasks like send messages or ask for directions – all through voice activation. Oh, and it’s also a phone.

Thousands of open beta testers, from journalists, physicians, athletes and even chefs, are currently using the device, and it’s apparent that Google would like to get agents of social change in on the action.

So how would your nonprofit use Google Glass? Here are a few ideas to jump-start your application:

  • Give it to a volunteer or an attendee at an event and have them walk around recording video and talking to people.
  • Give it to a major gift donor who is attending the groundbreaking or opening of a major legacy project.
  • Give it to a researcher in your field who is on the front lines of curing a disease.
  • Give it to an employee to show a day-in-the-life at your organization headquarters.
  • Give it to the caregiver of a person battling the illness you’re fighting to put an end to.

The video below shows how the World Wildlife Fund is using Google Glass out in the field:

What are your ideas for using Google Glass at your nonprofit? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re interested in applying for the competition, visit for program details and to apply by 11:59 PST on May 20, 2014.

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  • Steven Shattuck

    Great idea!
  • John Fulwider

    Neighborhood scans to record problem properties needing rehabilitation to enhance the neighborhood's safety and prosperity. A nonprofit I volunteer with uses tablet computers for data collection now; Google Glass would be a faster and more elegant solution.
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