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How to Schedule Event Staff and Volunteers Efficiently

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Efficiently scheduling event staff and volunteers can seem overwhelming. So many people! So many tasks! Such varying availability! We feel ya. Take a deep breath. Scheduling an event is doable when you take it step by step. To make this process as seamless as possible, we decided to map the process out in six easy steps.

1. Map Out the Tasks and Stations by Time & Location

Identify the location and the hours needed to run each station. Remember to include the set-up and take-down requirements!

2. Determine Your Staffing Requirements

What is the minimum number of staff members and volunteers required to perform each activity or cover each station? Also, identify the maximum number of volunteers a station can handle if you’re dealing with small spaces or limited equipment.

3. Identify Roles and Responsibilities for Each Station

Write clever, specific descriptions for each role, and identify any key qualifications for the person who fills it so you know can identify individuals in the recruiting process.

4. Determine Shift Lengths

How long will you require your volunteers to work? Consider the type of event, the nature of the task, and the volunteer’s limitations. A perk for volunteering at certain events might be getting in free, so you want to ensure the volunteer has time to enjoy the event after the shift. In other cases, a task might be strenuous, or the weather might be challenging, so shorter shifts could attract volunteers and keep them happy as they work.

5. Allow Staff and Volunteers to Select Their Own Shifts

Instead of gathering everyone’s schedule and trying to coordinate them all, let the volunteers self-regulate by signing up for the time slots that work for them. They might also be allowed to choose a role that suits them (within their qualifications and any prior volunteer screening completed). This is a huge time-saver and minimizes miscommunication between your organization and volunteers.

6. Keep Shifts and Other Details Visible Online and Via A Mobile App at All Times

It’s essential to keep your staff and volunteers up-to-speed with what’s happening leading up to and during the event. Having your event information accessible will make it easier on staff as well, because it minimizes volunteers texting the night before asking for a reminder about what shift they signed up for or what they’re supposed to wear.

To streamline your communication and avoid redundant messaging, use a staff and volunteer management tool that will update everyone when schedules change and broadcast essential updates on-site. This powerful, easy-to-use organizational tool will keep your staff and volunteers connected and helps your event run smoothly.

To learn more about Bloomerang Volunteer and how it will streamline your event staff scheduling process, visit our features page!

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