We are often asked to compare Bloomerang to the myriad donor database / fundraising / donor management software systems available today.

Why is Bloomerang different? How is Bloomerang better?

Bloomerang’s uniqueness as a next-generation fundraising tool can be broken down into three components:

Bloomerang-iMac1. Best Practices Built-In

You can use Bloomerang to input donations, generate acknowledgements and run reports, but the system can do so much more.

Bloomerang is designed to be a fundraising ‘coach’ – helping you analyze your data and develop better ways to engage your donors in order to increase giving. Donor retention and donor engagement levels are put at the forefront, while communications audits and donor timeline interactions help improve your outreach efforts.

It’s all due to our unique partnership with renowned experts Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Tom Ahern. Their expertise is built into the system!

2. Ease-of-Use

Every fundraising software provider claims to be simple and easy-to-use, but it isn’t always true. Many, if not all, CRM solutions out there are very difficult to use and require extensive training by staff members to learn. Bloomerang has an unique, modern interface that is clean, fresh, and very intuitive – allowing fundraisers to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively! We take pride in the claim that no training is required to use Bloomerang. A customer once described switching to Bloomerang as having “gone from MS DOS to a Mac.”

3. All-Inclusive Pricing

Bloomerang isn’t the cheapest option, and we don’t want to be. However, 100% of functionality is included with every package. We don’t have a deceptive starting price that skyrockets with the addition of necessary modules. Unlimited users (even concurrent usage), online giving integration, mass email communication, reporting and support are all included!

It’s true that Bloomerang may not be a great fit for every nonprofit organization. However, those fundraisers who have bought into our unique philosophy are now reaping the benefits of increased donor loyalty.

Are you ready to join us?


Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins was VP of Sales at Bloomerang. A graduate of Hyles-Anderson College, Wayne has over 15 years experience in nonprofit and faith-based development and fundraising in addition to his 10 years of experience in sales.