Bloomerang accepts article submissions from thought-leaders in the nonprofit sector. Blog posts should focus on best practices, case studies or other information that would be viewed as educational to nonprofit professionals and fundraisers. Overtly promotional or solicitous content is not welcomed.

The desired minimum length is 600-850 words, but please do not feel limited by those parameters.

Bulleted lists or numbered sections with easily digestible points or concepts perform well.

Links are allowed, so long as the accompanying anchor text is relevant and organic to the article at large.

Posts should be completely original and not previously published elsewhere. Repurposing content to/from slidedecks, books, etc. is no problem. Republishing content on your own blog or platform is fine provided you mention that “this post originally appeared on the Bloomerang blog.”

Our content team reserves the right to modify your article content or title to better serve our readers. You will be informed of any changes made. In the rare cases when we have modified guest content, the changes are typically geared towards the format/layout, and not the content itself.

Posts can be submitted in the body of an email, or as an attachment. Please include a short bio and author photograph. Links to your social media profiles or website are optional, but welcomed! Bloomerang provides a full author profile and Google Authorship to guest bloggers.

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Accompanying featured images, hero graphics or other visual elements are welcome as well. Embedded videos and slidedecks are also acceptable.

If we accept your submission, you will be given a tentative publishing date. Posts are published at 5am daily. Once published, we also post to our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, reaching thousands in the nonprofit sector. We also email a weekly round-up of posts every Friday to about 100k email subscribers. You are encouraged to do the same!

Suggested Blog Topics:

  • Data Management
  • Donor Retention
  • Donor Management
  • Donor Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteerism
  • Nonprofit Tech
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Nonprofit Boards
  • Cause Marketing
  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • Social Media

Interested in becoming a contributor? Email and please include a bio and headshot.